FAQs / Who’s who?

I decided to put this section in to help clarify the blog, share my views on addiction and sort out any general confusion. This is still a work in progress!

Who’s who?

Clarissa: Me
Leo: My longterm boy
Crazy and The Dark One: my kitties
Assorted AA friends: Caron, Porscha, Sam, Alicia, Ice Cream, Miss N, J, B, K, etc.
Maiden Voyage: Porscha’s Women’s Meeting
ASL: Awesome Sponsor Lady (aka my AA Sponsor)

What is the difference between addiction and alcoholism?

Addiction is an all-encompassing disease (drugs, food, behaviors, etc). Alcoholism is the specific addiction to alcohol.

Is alcohol a drug?


Can addiction be cured?

No. It is treatable, but it is a progressive, incurable disease.

What methods have you tried to treat your addiction?

Twelve Step Programs are the only thing that worked for me. I tried psychiatry and medication – neither worked. I can’t comment on rehabs or other forms of treatment as I have no experience with them.

Why were you in both NA and AA?

I came into recovery through NA but over the past year have transitioned to AA because the solution is the same and I have found a better home (for me) in NYC in AA. I now have a sponsor in AA and work the AA steps.  would never recommend going to both programs to a newcomer, but I would recommend going to where you feel most c0mfortable. I am still in the middle of figuring it out myself. 

Any questions I can answer on here for you guys?


4 responses to “FAQs / Who’s who?

  1. Dede

    I just began reading your blog. I enjoy it very much. I quit drinking a few months ago. I was a daily drinker, but a controlled one. Anyway. I am struggling now with a resurfaced eating disorder. I drank for so many years that I guess it replaced the drinking. I find myself needing something to “look forward too” every day. It used to be a few beers at night…..now it’s food, which turns into binging. I know you are still struggling with your own sobriety, but I wondered if you found yourself looking for a “replacement” for the drugs and alcohol. How do you handle the weak lonely moments? I don’t know where to turn.

  2. CeCe

    Great blog. I have 9 months clean and sober. Although drugs were my primary “problem,” alcohol was always in the picture and was also a big problem. However, I’ve always gone to AA meetings. I’ve been to 2 NA meetings, but just never felt comfortable there, which is weird since I totally identify myself as an addict (and an alcoholic). QUESTION/ADVICE REQUEST: I am now struggling with finding a “home group.” My sponsor really wants me to pick a home group and get a job so that I can have “roots.” But this is causing me some anxiety (shocking! LOL) — since drugs are such a big part of my “story,” should I try NA meetings again and pick an NA meeting as a home group??? Or should I pick one of the AA meetings I already go to (and really like, but don’t “LOVE”), or should I keep trying to find an AA meeting that I “LOVE”??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know I am “over thinking” this as “we” tend to do, but it is where I am now…
    Thanks. And, again, great blog!

    • If you have a sponsor in AA, you should stick to working the steps in AA, getting a homegroup in AA and doing service in AA. If you want to be in NA, then do all those things there. I only started doing two fellowships around year 2 and it turned out to be a transition phase – I am now fully in AA. Go where you feel comfortable. For me, NA got me clean and AA has helped keep me clean. There is no right or wrong answer or way to go. Find a meeting where you feel comfortable and where you will go every week for a homegroup. Doesn’t mean you can’t go to NA meetings everyone once in a while – but my suggestion would be to make one fellowship your base. Also – talk to your sponsor!! xoxo, C

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