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Long Weekend and Death Cab!

Sorry for the brief haitus here at SATC. I took a four day weekend to head up to the wonderful land that is New England to study for our big exams and enjoy some sunshine. Look! Flowers!

Ok, I know they aren’t super beautiful or anything, but I wasn’t taking many pictures inside our study cave. Leo and I had fun, despite spending 80% of the time reading books and taking practice exams. We managed a fun trip to Wal-Mart where we found out that Fruity Pebbles are Gluten Free. Amazing! Now if they were only sugarfree, preservative free, and not cooked maybe I could each them too.

We also took few trips to his parents country club golf course and made lots of homemades fresh fruit smoothies! Such a cheaper way to go than buying them at the carts here in NYC…but…I am lazy when I live here. That means Clarissa doesn’t make her own smoothies. Yet.

Getting back to work a day late was incredibly stressful for me, but luckily I made it out in time to see Death Cab for Cutie at Bowery Ballroom with Leo!! I bought our tickets months and months ago and have been counting down the days until the concert arrived! Last night we both left work and met at Bowery. Ticketmaster did not send out tickets for this event so that they could not be sold on the secondary market (i.e.  Stubhub, Craigslist, etc.). While I found this odd, I realized it was really nice to be at a concert with 100% true fans!

We got to the concert in time to catch the opening band: The Lonely Forest. They were really good! I downloaded a few of their tunes this morning before work and am currently jamming on my ipod.

Finally, around 10pm Death Cab came on!! My pictures are all blurry because the bouncer was insisting no flash…and he was really friggin big so I did not argue. Here’s a blurry one of Ben Gibbard and the rest of the band:

Leo and I were about half way back in the crowd on the first floor. Bowery is so small that we were SO close to the stage! The accoustics were amazing and we walked out without any residual hearing loss. Unfortunately we didn’t stay until the end of the concert because it was getting late and both of us have important exams on Saturday, but we will see them again on Leo’s birthday in August when they come to play in Brooklyn!

I had a ton of fun being sober at the concert last night. There was a wafting of marijuana when DCFC came on and apparently it was coming from a few guys standing nearby us. YUCK! Luckily I was enjoying the music so much I stopped noticing it. Ben Gibbard (the lead singer) is sober himself, so I felt very connected during the whole show! He’s not in AA, but hey – he knows how to have fun sober, so he’s a perfect example for SATC! It was a really nice break from stress and studying to just listen to amazing music and enjoy myself last night. It was definitely necessary!

What’s the last concert you went to?


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When Life Gives You Lemons…


I know I said I don’t have a ton of time this week to devote to SATC this week but I’m putting life on hold to tell you about the Atmosphere concert last night because it was epic.

I fell in love with Atmosphere during my using days – my junior year of high school to be specific. I had a running buddy who introduced me to drugs I’d never tried before and Atmosphere as an “underground hip hop rap group.” Underground they were as I was convinced nobody knew who they were except us. Of course that wasn’t true. There are Atmosphere fans everywhere. But, I held them close to my soul – Atmosphere was my secret band, sounds unlike any other group I listened to. You’re so beautiful from the hair to the soul.

Years went by, I got clean and Atmosphere kept making albums. A day rarely went by that I didn’t hear an Atmosphere track on my iPod. In the summer of 2009 I got tickets for two friends from high school (running buddy and dorm roommate!) to see them live at Webster Hall with me. The two girls are practically clean themselves these days, but still drink in small doses. We all had our own path to clearmindedness, but it’s nice we all came out OK on the other side. The concert was great and I knew I would see Atmosphere again.

 A few months ago I bought two tickets to the April 2011 show. Up until about 4pm yesterday I had no partner-in-crime for the concert. Leo couldn’t make it, and requested I bring a girl instead of him. I asked multiple girlfriends, but it was really hard to find someone who didn’t already have plans and had heard of my secret band. I almost resorted to going alone and maybe selling the other ticket. Then. Lightbulb. I sent a mass email to Porsche’s list for the Maiden Voyage practically begging for a date and low and behold, I got a one! The fun thing was I’d never met the awesome lady who emailed me back. New sober friend AND a concert? The night could not go wrong.

I met Kay* at Terminal 5 around 9:30 and we hopped in line. First we had to show our IDs to get wrist bands for the bar. I hate doing this because it takes up time and Excuse me, Mr Bouncer Man, I AM NOT GOING TO BE DRINKING! Then, something magical happened.

At the next station they check your purse for…who knows what. This girl was riffeling through my bag, shaking my contact lense case, opening an empty travel bottle of advil and then she stopped, looked up at me and asked “Are you a friend of Bill’s?” Shocked and confused I go, “Yeah?” She smiled “Oh, no problem, go on in.” WOW! She must have been searching for drugs to confiscate, saw my three-year AA anniversary coin in the bottom of my purse and let me in. For all the normie’s out there – Bill W was the founder of AA, so a polite way to ask someone if they are a recovering alcoholic is to ask them if they are a friend of Bill’s or if they know Bill. I told Kay the story when we got inside and it set a fun tone for the rest of the night!

Terminal 5 is standing room only, except for couches around the outskirts of the balconies. It was a sold out concert and we had a tough time getting a front row balcony spot for the first half of the concert. Instead, we sat on the floor and watched Slug do his thing through the legs of some tall guys. If you look reaaaaaaaally closely in the picture below you can see Slug doing his thing.

The second half we had a great view, enjoyed the beats and danced around. It felt so good to be sober. I am so incredibly grateful that I made a new friend last night and that we could enjoy an epic show together – no substances involved! So remember, when life gives you lemons…paint that sh*t gold.

*pseudonym to protect anonymity

What are you grateful for today?


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Death Cab and Dumb Cabs Are Not the Same

First of all, this was my lunch yesterday:

What is with the worthless meals at work this week? I literally had three conference calls in a row from 8am until 4pm yesterday. Boo to the hoo. Although if you look reaaaaaally closely you will notice that the Life cereal in my plastic cup is Cinnamon Life! That’s right. My inner dialogue when I opened the cabinet and saw the box: Oh my God, Cinnamon Life! You’ve got to be kidding me. I am in love. Cereal changes on a daily basis around here and you never know what you’re going to find.

Second of all, Death Cab for Cutie is coming to NYC on June 1st!! Leo took me to see them at Radio City Music Hall in 2008 and I saw them at a friend’s college in Pennsylvania when I was less than sober. I love Death Cab so much I can’t explain it with words. This year they are playing at none other than Bowery Ballroom. My tickets will be purchased during the fanclub pre-sale on Thursday. YIPPEE!!

I wish the world was flat like the old days
Then I could travel just by folding a map
No more airplanes, or speed trains, or freeways
There’d be no distance that could hold us back.

Third… have you ever used the word amazeballs in a sentance? I’ve seen it all over the blogging world in the past month and I would like to add it to my vocabulary. According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase originates from Perez Hilton but apparently it’s also a food. I believe it could be used interchangeably with awesomesauce but frequent amazeballs users please set me straight!

Fourth and MOST IMPORTANTLY: love and prayers go out to Miss N. Last night on the way to Maiden Voyage a dumb cab interrupted her travels and landed her in an ambulance. Luckily Porscha was right there to ride to the hospital with her! My sources tell me that Miss N is doing OK with a banged up wrist and a few bruised ribs.  Even though all nine of us wanted to go to the hospital to see her, we decided to avoid creating chaos and moved the women’s meeting to a local diner. While we were busy chatting and getting pictoral updates (thanks Porscha!) on Miss N, I had this a delicious Peanut Butter Milkshake:


Is your life better with cinnamon?


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It’s Friggin’ Friday!

So this morning’s post was pretty serious – minus the comic relief someecards I had to put in there so you’d keep reading. In fact, this whole week of blogging has been pretty serious. Oh my goodness this girl has so many problems! Don’t worry friends, I didn’t forget how to have fun or how to write about having fun. Do you want to know what I actually think about on Fridays? THE WEEKEND! It’s so close I can taste it…

This weekend I actually have minimal plans. I know, Clarissa not having plans? That’s just crazy talk. Actually, tonight I am going with Caron and her FI to see Red Riding Hood.

Basically, it’s like the Twilight series but with werewolves. I can hear you getting excited already. You’re already on Fandango buying your tickets. And deciding Milk Duds vs. Sour Patch Kids. Popcorn – buttered or plain?

Seriously though, the movie looks good and I love whatshername. Oh yeah, Amanda Seyfried. Mama Mia!

The rest of the weekend should be pretty regular. Three-hour class (fractions, percents and decimals, oh my!) and Physique on Saturday. Possibly going up to Greenwich on Saturday night with Leo. The other option is a childhood friend’s birthday party on the East Side. I’m not sure I like crossing 5th Avenue and heading into the darkside East Side, but I’ll do it for cake. Sunday I need to do laundry but perhaps a trip to a museum? I also need to take my next practice exam. We shall see.

Did I mention Avril Lavigne’s new album, Goodbye Lullaby has been playing on repeat on the iTouch this week? Remember Sk8er Boi? Love her. Download the songs “What the Hell” and “Smile” if you can today.

Friday Confession: I’ve decided not to look at my Facebook newsfeed anymore. Why is everyone I know getting engaged? Literally six friends shared some version of amazing life-news this week. Makes me want to cry. Oh wait, I already did last night. Does that make me a bad person? Probably. I’m happy for everyone, I promise. I always just desperately want what I don’t have.

On a less self-centered note: My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the Tsunami / Earthquake. 

What are you up to this weekend?


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Fantastic Film-Food-Fashion Weekend

Friday night L, C and I went to see The Roommate. In hindsight – it was a dumb plotline – kind of like I Know What You Did Last Summer but with a crazy college roommate. However, I love Blair from Gossip Girl (Leighton Meester) and Gaby from Parenthood (Minka Kelly), so the cast was great. Also, the film itself was extremely captivating and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time (always the sign of a good movie).

Additionally, the soundtrack was pretty phenomenal. It included a song called Surrender by Digital Daggers which I have been playing on repeat since I discovered it on Friday night! The coolest part about discovering this song is when I tweeted about it on Saturday, the lead singer tweeted back, complimenting my blog and sharing her recovery with me! How cool is that? I was so elated to hear from her and can’t wait for Digital Daggers to perform in NYC so maybe I can meet my new favorite singer in person!!

Saturday I had class and then Physique. As I was returning home I ran into fellow AA friend who lives in my building and he invited me to check out this documentary he’s been working on. It was great to see how incredibly talented my friend is and I was honored review his work-in-progress. It’s fun to think that because of AA I have great friendships with some of the most creative and interesting people! He also mentioned a great young people’s meeting in the W 70s, so my friend B and I headed up to the meeting at 7:15. It was our first time at that particular meeting and we ran into Caron’s sponsor! It was great catching up with her and B and to find a new Saturday meeting!

Sunday Leo and I had reservations at Max Brenner in Union Square for brunch. It’s basically a chocolate store and a restaurant all in one. It was totally yummy and I highly recommend it!

After brunch we went shopping! Leo has been suggesting that I upgrade my wardrobe a bit since, outside of work, I still dress the way I did in high school and college (jeans and sweatshirts/sweaters). It’s just comfy and I hate change. Plus, I have been the same size for about ten years, so I rarely need new clothes. At any rate, I have been resisting his suggestion. But Saturday he finally agreed to help me pick out some new clothes, so I agreed we could go look! He suggested that we go to H&M so I could get a lot of new outfits for a small price. That’s exactly what we did and I’m excited about the new stuff! (Sorry, no pics!) I did end up splurging on a beautiful dress that fit me like a glove at another store:

In honor of one of my favorite Food & Fitness bloggers, PBfingers, Leo and I took a trip to the PB&J exhibit on Mulberry St! It was a small art studio with the artsy photos of peanut butter! Here is a sampling of the art on the wall:

I love this Pez one! (Called PB&P)

There was a long line to make your own Peanut Butter creation, so we picked up our free jar of Peanut Butter (see blow) and headed back into the Soho streets. The best part about this free jar of peanut butter is that for every jar they gave to the museum visitors, they donated one to the local food bank.

Spicy Peanut Butter?? I’ll try it tonight and let you know how it is!

On our walk around SoHo we stumbled upon this gem!

It’s a rice pudding store! I don’t really like rice pudding, but this stuff was quite delicious. They have a ton of options for flavors and toppings:

And to top it off the store was really neat and the signs inside were quite humorous:

This was especially funny because Pinkberry was just two doors down!

The only thing that sucked about Sunday was that it was an on/off torrential downpour most of the afternoon. Despite the rain, we went to Chelsea Piers so Leo could hit golf balls before dinner. He spent some time giving me a lesson on driving the ball, but I’m a horribly impatient student. He was sweet to try though!

Overall the weekend was pretty great and I am excited about my new food and fashion finds! And props to all the creative people in recovery – just another one of the many amazing aspects about the program.

What fun things did you stumble upon this weekend?


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Live Music

First and foremost: Thanks to two of my favorite bloggers, Tracey and Sabrina, for the warm welcomes into the blogging world!

On Wednesday’s post I told you that one of my favorite fun things to do in NYC is to go see movies, preferably the first weekend they come out (No I don’t mind the crowds. No I’m not crazy.) Movies are the one and only thing I will brave Times Square at night for.

My second favorite thing to do in this city is to go to concerts – mainly the small-mid size venues: Webster Hall, Bowery Ballroom, Terminal 5, Knitting Factory, Arlene’s Grocery, Music Hall of Williamsburg. And also the larger venues: Beacon Theatre and Radio City. I’ve even seen performances at the more intimate Pianos NYC in the Lower East Side or on Governors Island. Never been to Roseland Ballroom but I hear it’s amazing. Also – never been to a concert at Madison Square Garden…price point seems to be a bit too rich for my blood! 

Favorite venue? Probably Webster or Termy 5 (see pictures below). Last concert I saw was Dashboard Confessional at Webster Hall in December. Leo was in love with the whole concert and we stayed for every single song – even the 3 encores, despite the fact that it was way past his bedtime (which is 9:30pm). He knows every word to every song they have ever written. I wanted to bottle up how happy he was and put it in a jar. I’ve never seen him that delighted before.

You must be thinking…how is going to a concert a sober activity? I was pretty uncertain about this myself years ago. My first sober concert (Wilco) was in my college town in 2007 and I could smell the wafts of all things green and saw people spilling their beers everywhere. To be honest I did not enjoy myself at all. I also had not hit the first year mark yet.

I love music though and I needed to find a way to enjoy it live. That’s why I like the smaller venues in  NYC – they tend to start concerts at a reasonable hour and the bars inside are really too small for people to be served more than once or twice. I also recommend standing somewhere on the outskirts of the room or in the back (unless you just love to crowd-surf). You can still hear the music really well, but you don’t have to be in the middle of the chaos if that’s what it turns into. Plus you have an easy escape route if you need it. The smaller venue ticket prices range from $10-$30 which is relatively reasonable for the amount of talent you get to see.

I don’t go to concerts super often since I’m picky about the bands and I try to keep my entertainment budget under control. But it is a great way to enjoy music, and if you bring a sober buddy with you – you’ll definitely be safe!

Bands I’ve seen in NYC: Death Cab for Cutie, Owl City, Travis, Cary Brothers, Lights, Panic! At the Disco, The Cab, Dashboard Confessional, Nada Surf, Atmosphere, Stars of Track and Field (I even met the lead singer!), Keane, Passion Pit, Owen Pallett, Guster, Bare Naked Ladies, Sea Wolf, The All-American Rejects and probably a few others I am forgetting.

Why am I writing this today? I just got tix to Atmosphere’s April Concert at Terminal 5! I went to their last NYC show at Webster Hall with two of my bestfriends from high school and it was epic.

When Life Gives you Lemons…

What was the last concert you saw? What is your favorite concert of all time?

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