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Active Meditation

I realize that I am starting this blog after I have already found a lot of fun things to do here in NYC… but I will be writing about things I do daily sometimes, so here is my fun activity for today (yay 7:30am workout!) and what I’ve been doing weekly for the past few months:

It is basically the best thing that has happened to me lately. My bestfriend here in NYC (we’ll call her “Caron”) has been raving about it since I met her. When I finally decided maybe I should start exercising again (the endorphins are so good for you),  post a serious battle with arthritis-hell-in-my-knee, I saw the price tag and nearly fainted: $35 per class. YIKES! Due to the steep price, I decided against trying it out. Then on my 25th birthday – Leo W. (the bf) gave me a gift certificate for 5 Physique57 classes. My initial response to the e-mailed gift certificate was: “Are you serious? Seven years of dating and I get a gift certificate?? TO A GYM???”

Needless to say I was less than pleased, until I realized the following:

A. His gift is evidence that he does actually listen when I talk about things I’d like to do.

B. I really did want to try out Physique57.

C. It’s always the thought that counts.

See, it just took some healthy digestion to realize what a nice thing Leo had done for me. And therefore, I was able to be appreciative rather than act like a brat (progress not perfection).

So thanks to Caron and Leo, I took my first Beginner class in October 2010. It was amazing. It was also incredibly physically challenging as I had not done jack exercised in probably ten months (walking to and from work everyday does not count). I also realized during my first class that it was the only hour out of my day when I literally could not think about anything besides what the instructor was telling me to do…and then doing it. There is no visible clock in the room so you just keep going, believing you can make it to the end, no matter how long it takes.

Not only is Physique a fantastic strength and toning workout, it’s a great form of meditation for me since yoga causes my mind to wander too much and I always have some sort of inner-monologue going on during meetings. My mind races all day (and sometimes all night) and it can be incredibly hard for me to clear my brain and sit peacefully with myself. So, for me – Physique is what I like to call my “active meditation.”

Exercise is good for the body and the soul. Meditation is good for your recovery. Why not try out both?? Also, a way to stay sober for 57 minutes! Thanks NYC for being the home to P57 (also located in LA for any west-coast readers).

PS: Your first class is a two-for-one special (just call the studio), so don’t let the price tag scare you from trying it out!

What is your meditation practice? Any fun workout classes you’ve taken in NYC?


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