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Friday Funk

Happy Friday kids! Apologies for the following less-than-exciting post, I’m in a funk today.

Last night I met up with Leo and his friend who had entered a beerpong tournament at one of the University clubs here in the city. Note: this is in no way whatsoever a sober activity. I remained sober of course, but I don’t recommend this as “sober fun.” I hung out with Leo’s friend’s girlfriend while the boys lost twice to two female teams. The females were apparently cheating but since I don’t play beerpong anymore I don’t know all the rules nor do I care to learn them. I saw a friend from high school at the tournament – newly engaged…awesome. There was free food, so that was about the only highlight of the event. Then we wandered over to a local pub and watched some March Madness. I am still in first place in my pool! Except I only have one team left in the Final Four so there is no way that I will win the pool. No fun.

It’s not easy dating someone who drinks. Some days I deal with it well and sometimes I don’t. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m jealous he can drink and I can’t or if I simply don’t like how drunk people act. Luckily he rarely gets “drunk” in front of me anymore but last night was borderline. I could ask him to stop drinking because I don’t like it, but he’s not an alcoholic and that’s not really fair of me. I also know that controlling someone else’s actions only leads to resentment. So for now, if he drinks I require him to brush his teeth and rinse well with mouthwash before he kisses me. And if he wants to go out and act like a crazy 21 year old with the boys, he can go without me!

Weekend plans:

Tonight: Gluten Free Chinese Food and baking gluten free pumpkin pie with Leo.

Saturday: Bridesmaid dress alterations and Physique57. No plans for the evening yet, anyone want to hang out??

Sunday: Studying in the morning and then dinner at Leo’s club in the suburbs.

Last but certainly not least: HAPPY 4 YEARS of Sobriety to Nic!

What’s your sobriety date? I’m going to put together a page of anniversaries (pseudonyms of course)!



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Story Time

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Friday again. Story time!

I took a second practice exam on Wednesday night. It was terrifying.

I sat down at my new desk (without eating dinner first – not smart). My laptop was all plugged in and ready to go. I started to shake. I logged in to the test site online. My heart was racing. I clicked start on the 75-minute 37-question Math section. FREAKING OUT. In the first problem it took me 3 minutes to remember how to add the numbers 3 and 5. It felt as if at that exact moment my brain decided to melt into a pool of dumb.

Not to mention that Crazy and The Dark One were relentless in their attempts to hijack my laptop for the 75 whole minutes.

Every time a new math question came up my I was so scared and/or stupid my brain just went blank. Why God, why? Oh, wait. I sometimes forget that I was a humanities major in college and I am half way to idiot-ville when it comes to numbers. I pray every day that my boss doesn’t find out the truth about my lack of math skills. Thank goodness for Microsoft Excel and financial calculators.

Somehow I completed all 37 questions with time to spare.

I was going to do the Verbal part of the exam Thursday night but decided I wanted to know my score really badly and therefore had to finish both parts. I took a break to eat dinner between the sections because it’s so much easier to think clearly with a full tummy. Pizza Rolls!


I know, super healthy. When it came time to start the verbal I was much more calm and ready. I took my time on each question and before I knew it the test was over. Hooray! Then it was time for the moment of truth…

Exam 2 Results: Verbal: 85% ; Math: 48%

Yay for verbal! I was up 18 percentage points from Exam 1. But with math I was only up 3 percentage points. I couldn’t believe it. After 6-7 weeks of class and homework I’m still basically at square one on the math front. I will have to consult my teacher about what to do. Luckily I know it’s not the concepts I don’t understand. I just felt terrified when I was actually taking the exam. It was as if someone was holding a gun to my head the whole time. A math teacher I had in high school once told me to take a few Tylenol before my tests because it might help calm me down. What kind of ridiculous advice is that?? I do need to find some way of controlling my anxiety though – preferably sans drugs.

My total score was up 60 points from Exam 1 and I am aiming to increase it another 70-80 points before I take the official exam. Let’s just hope it’s not a nightmare when I attempt a practice test again in two weeks.

For those of you who don’t care about my trials with standardized testing…

I AM CURRENTLY FIRST IN MY OFFICE MARCH MADNESS POOL! And you know how I did it? I made picks solely based on ranking. I am awesome. Some of my colleagues are less than pleased with my success.

And for those of you who don’t care about standardized tests OR college basketball… Happy Friday!

Do you have any secrets for taking exams?


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