Hey there! Welcome to Sober and the City.

I’m a 25-year-old young professional living in Manhattan. I also happen to be sober. I’ve been without alcohol (and other mood or mind-altering substances) since July 30, 2007. Why, you might ask, did I get sober at the age of 21? Truth is, my junior year in college I had a serious drug problem and needed to find a way to stop for good. And how, might you ask, was I able to get sober at 21? With the help of two twelve step programs: NA and AA.  After getting clean in the south, I graduated from college and moved to my favorite city in the world: New York City.

After about a year and a half of living here, I realized that being sober doesn’t just mean not drinking. With the help of some amazing AA friends, I learned that being sober can be and should be FUN! I have started this blog to write about all the fun things you can do while staying sober. Also, I love reading healthy living blogs (food and fitness), so I will probably write about my own personal experiences with food and fitness along the way.

Since I keep my anonymity in most areas of my life, on this blog you can call me Clarissa D. Other things about me….nobody in my family seems to have the disease of addiction…I am in a relationship with a guy (we’ll call him Leo W.) who is not an alcoholic but does drink socially.

Please feel free to send me emails and comments, I love feedback! (soberandthecity@gmail.com)

Disclaimer: Although I identify as a member of AA and NA, nothing on this blog is NA- or AA-approved literature. All opinions on this blog are my own. Also I do not generate any income from this blog.

Source of Masthead: Andrew Prokos Photography.


8 responses to “About

  1. Wow, good for you! I’m so glad you realized being sober can be fun. I don’t drink because of medical reasons and I find I have just as much fun as people who are out drinking. That, and I don’t feel like crap afterward. Also, being the sober one is a quick way to learn that the drunk people who everyone thinks is fun and hilarious is really just kind of obnoxious.

    Congrats on four years sober! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on changing your perspective. It’s not easy to do but oh so important sometimes.

  3. Thats really powerful and inspiring. I wish I had the guts to pick up my life and move to NYC, talk about living the dream. I can’t wait to follow your blog. Do you have an RSS feed??

  4. I don’t drink AT ALL. Simply by choice…this is a problem for some people who think I have a stick up my (ahem) but whatever.

    I LOVE NYC and can’t wait to move there myself. Kudos to you for following your dreams.

  5. Hey! I just found you via Peas & Crayons and I am stoked to check out your blog. I drink, but my boyfriend has chosen never to drink, and that has opened my eyes to how much socializing is done with alcohol. It’s crazy! Anyway, off to snoop around 🙂

  6. I am so glad that you comment on my blog and it lead me here. I just started my blog and yours is a great example of the kinds of things I would like to blog about. I am enjoying reading all your archived posts!

  7. Hi Clarissa, I’m Mike (Milkman Mike) from Napa, Calif. Followed your link from Twitter and glad I did. I love to hear about young people getting clean and sober. It took me until I was 53. My shares in meetings are generally directed towards young folks, hoping that my stories will deter them from taking and wasting as mcuh time as myself in addiction. Live is good these days and getting better each day. Oct. 29 will be 11 years for me, clean and sober. Keep up the good work. And yeppers, you can have fun and enjoy life without drink and drugs. Have a great day and a greater life. Over and out.

  8. great site-found you through unpickled. I’m most impressed, always am when younger people get it together.

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