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Well it is officially the first of September and I haven’t blogged in SO LONG! Don’t worry- I haven’t forgotten about SATC or the wonderful world of blogging. I just seemed to have gotten caught up in living life! Sometimes, that is not a bad thing at all. Work has been pretty hectic lately, headaches are still a daily occurance and I’ve been traveling almost every weekend since the end of July. I also seem to be a social butterfly with something going on almost every night after work, it does not feel like my life, let me let you that much…

Living life is a good thing, but I have recently become concerned that my “real life” is getting in the way of my recovery. I haven’t been hanging out with AA friends as much, my meeting attendance has declined and although I am doing service as treasurer right now that does not require me to be at a meeting on a weekly basis. I also have not been great about picking up the phone and calling people with more or less time than me. Awesome Sponsor Lady returned from her month long adventure overseas yesterday and we finally got to catch up over something other than email: cell phone! She reminded me that AA is a bridge back to life and that means that having a life outside the program is important. She also reminded me that AA does not have to be the entirety of my social life, but that fellowshipping is important and I need to make sure I have balance.

The truth is, I feel disconnected from the AA community I was once in the middle of but I also feel overwhelmed by all the other parts of my life that have been blossoming lately. Reconnecting is simple though – go to more meetings, pick up the phone more, send some more texts, set up more coffee dates. And just because I feel disconnected, doesn’t mean that I really am. I want to make sure that I never put anything else in front of my recovery and that means that I keep my network and my meeting attendance high on my priority list!

How has your summer been??


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