Anniversary City

It’s been Anniversay City these past few months!! I guess spring/summer is a great time to get clean and sober. It certainly was for me (July)!

I had the honor of attending a really fun anniversary dinner for one of the guys in my sober network last night. I usually follow the “women stick with the women, men stick with the men” suggestion in recovery, but E has been a good friend over the past few years and it’s always nice to see his smiling face at meetings. Congrats E on celebrating three years yesterday! We had some delicious italian food and great fellowship before the 10:30. I even found a speaker for my Monday night meeting – yay for planning ahead!

A big shout out also goes to A – my first NYC friend in recovery! She celebrates 13 years today – CONGRATS!! My first sponsor and share a mutual friend and we met my first week in NYC in 2007. She came with me to a meeting, we got something to eat and spent the rest of the night chatting recovery on her sofa. A has always been there for me. She went with me to the meeting when I decided to get clean for good after my relapse. I will never forget that summer and her kindness. Without her I may have never decided to get clean again. We are both so busy with life now that we only get together every couple months, but she is very special to me!  She’s also shared some pretty exciting news with me the other day and I wanted to dance around the office when she told me. So congrats on many levels my love!

My first sponsor, “Raquelita,” celebrated a million years on June 2nd! Haha, kidding of course! I think she’s got close to 15 by now? She got clean when she was 14 so, yeah, pretty flipping amazing. You can read about her here.

Love to E, A and R and many others so far this month!

When is your big day?



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4 responses to “Anniversary City

  1. Amanda K.

    Thanks for the shout out!!!!!

  2. I would love to go to a meeting in New York. Every city has its own flavor and I imagine the NY meetings can get pretty big, no?

    Glad to have found your blog 🙂

  3. Every anniversary is a reason to share being clean and calm. Have just found your blog featured and am working my way through your posts! All positive and inspiring so thanks for sharing.

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