Sober Blogger of the Month Award!

I did well on my exam on Saturday! I was just short of my goal score, so I will study for one more month and give it another shot in July. Luckily I think my score is good enough for the school I would like to go to. WOO! I have fun stories from my sober adventures over the weekend but the pictures are an important part, so I’ll wait til tomorrow when I remember my camera cord. My brain is a bit fried these days!!

In some new pretty fantastical news…I got an email on Saturday that I have been awarded Blogger of the Month award (June) by SoberSites! This is my first blogger award, so needless to say I am pretty excited. Last week I talked about how I measure my self worth. While this award is very much appreciated and totally unexpected, I would write for SATC regardless of the recognition! The biggest rewards I get for writing this sober blog are the comments and emails I get from readers. This blog started out as a vessel for my own thoughts and sober journey but I never imagined how much I could help others by sharing my life this way. Thanks everyone for being a part of SATC!

What other blog awards are out there?


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  1. Congrats that is awesome…..

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