Steps to Sobriety

Last night I met up with ASL or (My nickname for: my new Awesome Sponsor Lady) on the Upper East Side to read the Big Book. We met at this huge Starbucks. I’m not sure why ‘Bucks are bigger on the East Side, but hopefully without offending the West Side (the love of my life) I will say: I liked it.

Unfortunately all the seating was taken so we were forced to go outside. Luckily there was a nice area with benches across the street, so we sat outside for an hour and a half and read The Doctor’s Opinion and Chapter 1: Bill’s Story. It’s funny that I am reading these things for the first time…and to think of all those years of me whining and saying “I don’t like the AA literature, so I’ll stick with NA thank you very much” without even reading AA literature! Stubborn right? It turns out I just wasn’t ready to hear it. Today I am ready. Today when the text goes on and on about the effects of alcohol and getting “wet brain” etc, I can understand it. I can identify even though I never got the shakes from alcohol. I think my mind automatically replaces the words alcohol with drugs and alcoholism with addiction. Alcohol is a drug, by the way, so I’m being inclusive when I say drugs. To me, today, the words are synonymous and that is A-OK.

I even got my first First Step assignment! I am so grateful to meet with ASL every week now, it’s a nice routine I’m starting to get that hang of. And even though I feel like I have a million things on my plate right now in addition to all my healthcare appointments, it is good to have sponsor assignments everyday to remind me to put my recovery first.

In other random-SATC news…the new Death Cab for Cutie album is available for free streaming on NPR! I’ve already fallen in love with a number of the songs, it is more upbeat than their last album, Narrow Stairs, and I read in an article that it is likely due to the fact that since Narrow Stairs, the lead singer got married and got SOBER! Ben Gibbard said in a SPIN article, “Quitting had been such a positive change in my life. Nothing was going to make me want to go back to that. But I want to qualify that. I’m not, like, walking around with a chip in my pocket. I don’t have a sponsor. I don’t go to AA. It’s not like that.”

So, it looks like dear old Ben didn’t get sober in AA but I’m still psyched that he’s sober!

What step are you on today?



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4 responses to “Steps to Sobriety

  1. Clarissa, I love how open you are about AA and your ASL (faaabulous name, btw).

    Have a great week, lovely 🙂

  2. ASL

    LOVE the nickname. Keep up the awesome work!

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