Mini Golf in NYC!

FunDay MonDay! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I spent most of mine studying since my exam is 2 weeks away, but I did have time for some fun along the way.

Friday night, Caron, her hubby, our friend P and I went to see Thor in 3D. The graphics were good, Natalie Portman and some of the dialogue was amusing, but I have to say the story wasn’t really as developed as I would have expected. I wouldn’t want for it to come out on Netflix though, because you would miss out on a 3D viewing. The best part about the movie was the Girl vs Guy fight that broke out a couple rows behind us because of the “kicking of a chair.” It was pretty epic. Luckily they simmered down before I had to go find management to get them to SHUT UP! They were ruining the movie, but what they were yelling at each other was pretty hilarious.

Saturday night Leo and I went out to dinner and then we decided to walk around a bit since we were both pretty full. Leo had seen a mini golf place that was being set up on one of the piers down near Battery Park months ago, so we walked down there to see if it had opened yet. It was open, score! And it was only $5 per person to play 1 round, awesome! Next to the Mini Golf Course was a skate park and beach volleyball courts. We had a pretty nice view of NJ too…

The course was 18 holes, some were short, but overall it was good fun. I even got a hole-in-one. Leo was not amused, although he beat me by 11 points!

Check out this hole on the back nine – you had to hit the ball so that it passed over that teeny tiny bridge! Leo made it since he’s a golf stud. My ball ended up in the water. Luckily it was shallow so I was able to scoop it out.

Here’s a view of Battery Park. Prettyyyy.

Another shot of the course. It was pretty small compared to the ones you see down in Florida, but for NYC it was sufficient!

At least it had a fountain!

Sunday was spent studying and hanging out at Leo’s club. I can’t wait til all this studying is overrrrrrrr. Hope you all had fantastic weekends. Tonight I’m meeting with my sponsor for Big Book Reading Take 2. I feel like I’m really taking care of myself these days, it’s a lot of work though!

Do you like to play mini golf?



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3 responses to “Mini Golf in NYC!

  1. I went to the movie a few weekends ago and there was an argument over chair kicking too. Thankfully it didn’t get too out of hand.

  2. Check out our recovery blog! Submit your story or just some es&h! (<3 ur sites too btw)

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