A Sober Night at the New York City Ballet!

The NYC Ballet Spring Gala was wonderful last night! Talk about having fun sober

I raced out of work at 6pm to get home and change in time to meet Leo by 6:40pm at the Lincoln Center Steps. I put on a silky red dress, high heels and wrapped a white pashmina around my shoulders. I felt fancy: FUN! I arrived a tad early since I only live a few blocks away, and I ended up walking up the side ramp instead of going around to the stairs. I got to the red carpet edge just in time to see her walking by:

Yes ladies and gentleman, that is Sarah Jessica Parker!! I was so close I could have reached out and grabbed her. Or one of her dates…I’m not sure which I would have enjoyed more. She had a very SATC dress on, check out the back and her purse:

What were the chances I would walk up RIGHT as she was walking up too? The lady who inspired the name of this very blog! I went around the red carpet ramp to where everyone else was hanging out to wait for Leo. We hadn’t talked since the morning and I was starting to think he was going to be late. I waited and waited, texted, called, and waited some more. I was getting more annoyed as every minute passed. Things that made me not completely flip out: I just saw a celebrity up-close, I’m all dressed up and I’m about to see the NYC Ballet! Finally it was 5 minutes to 7pm (showtime) so I just left his ticket at will call, went up to my seat and texted him to let him know what to do. Leo showed up at our seats right at 7pm and the show didn’t start for another few minutes. PHEW! I gave him my pissed-off attitude at first but slowly forgot why I was mad and we enjoyed the ballet together. He was all dressed up in a sharp-looking suit too, so that helped.

View from our seats:

The first part of the ballet was called the Seven Deadly Sins:

It had a weak start. For the first few “sins” the ballet dancers in the company were out of sync and the costumes were sub par. It picked up speed and got better. By the time they got to “Envy” it was good. Patti LePone (broadway star) was accompanying the Principal dancer the whole way through – singing the whole story. Personally, I go to Broadway to see singing and dancing and I go to the Ballet to see just dancing. So in my personal opinion, although Patti was good, the singing aspect detracted from the beauty of the dancers.

The second act was the Vienna Waltzes. Leo and I both loved this portion. Beautiful waltzes and the costumes were immaculate. Made me want to take up ballroom dancing!

On our way out we saw the party for the rich and famous all set up. You could pay $1,500 per person to go to this event pre and post the ballet…if only I was a millionaire… until then I will stick to the $30 tickets thanks!

Instead of paying that much for dinner, Leo and I headed to Landmarc in the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. We both had delicious skirt steaks with some sort of spicy veggie sauce on top. Remember, I’m only raw until 6pm right now!

I can’t wait for future evenings viewing the various ballet companies that visit and perform in NYC. Hopefully Leo and I will get to see my close friend, Ice Cream, perform soon!

What do you like to get dressed up and fancy for?



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2 responses to “A Sober Night at the New York City Ballet!

  1. 1. super mad that I dont get to see a photo of you in your fab silky red dress

    2. ZOMG SJP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing!!!!! =) lucky lucky girl =)

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