No More Caffeine = More Energy! What?

For all my daily readers, I apologize for not being timely this week – I didn’t even post yesterday! Work has been a bit crazy and I’m very consumed with my new raw foods adventure. The upside of raw food is that there is so much to learn I almost forget about all the food I’m not allowed to eat. Almost.

Let me tell you, not eating wheat/gluten is one thing. Then you add nothing white (including rice). Then add no dairy on top of that. And then no chicken. WHAT?? And the whole goal is to end up not eating anything cooked, so you’re left with raw veggies and fruit. To be honest, this elimination detox is easier than others, since I end up not having to read labels or calculate anything. I have been drinking a lot of my meals – fruit smoothies (no juice, sugar or dairy though – Just fruit and ice in a blender), green juices and veggie soup/smoothies via Organic Avenue via Norma Kamali on 56th and 5th. For dinner I am not quite all the way there on the raw thing (still transitioning). I’ve been eating fresh falafel (baked) with a salad, or last night I had some stir fried broccoli with a bit of brown rice. Brown rice is to be eaten minimally…sad face.

Also: I am off caffeine. Did you hear me? Let me borrow Andie’s megaphone: I AM OFF CAFFEINE!

I don’t feel exhausted anymore, I actually am on the road to feeling rejuvenated. Not quite there yet though – I don’t feel like I have any extra energy to spare. I just dont need the 4 Coke Zeros and 2 iced coffees anymore to have the same energy everyday. It’s kind of interesting in fact…I felt like when I got clean I wouldn’t have the same energy or the same fun as when I was using/drinking. I was wrong. In fact, years later I have more energy and more fun! Even without caffeine. I didn’t believe I could ever wean myself off but I have done it folks. It’s been almost a week! Although I almost yelled out “”I WANT IT!” when I saw a colleague with a delicious looking Dunkin Donuts iced coffee this morning but I restrained myself. I just like the taste. Decaff doesn’t work though. Remember: coffee beans are roasted.

Acupuncture has been amazing and is really starting to work. My headaches are lessening, but still present every couple of days. I learned last night that poor circulation in extremities is mainly due to anxiety. Haha, so I’m anxious and I don’t even realize it. I mean my state of being is usually anxious, but I’ve felt more calm and relaxed than ever.

Enough of my random stream of consciousness. Tonight is the Spring Gala for the NYC Ballet and I can’t wait! I will write all about it tomorrow.

What’s on your mind today?



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3 responses to “No More Caffeine = More Energy! What?

  1. I love the ballet. Even in central Wisconsin we have an excellent ballet company. You are really inspiring me to try this “raw detox”. I periodically give up caffeine but then crack and start it again. I could do without it I’m sure. Interesting about the anxiety causing poor circulation. I have terrible circulation, Reynaud’s syndrom in both my hands and even worse in my feet. It was first diagnosed when my feet were turning puple and white in the middle of the hot summer. I was working crazy hours, and dealing with three kids, two of which were under the age of three. That makes a lot of sense. I’m going to keep track of my episodes in relation to stress. Have so much fun tonight, you’ll look fabulous (even though I don’t know what you look like) but we girls can tell when someone has it together. Can’t wait to read all about it tomorrow!

    • I am SO excited for the ballet! I just hope I can get out of work in time to put on my fancy-schmancy dress. Leo is wearing a suit!

      I have bad circulation in my hands and feet – they are always cold and my finger nails have a blue-ish tint to them usually. So hopefully the diet and acupuncture might help with that as well. Although I am always on some level of stress with work, life and studying. We shall see! The raw detox is going well and the caffeine – I started out just drinking 1 caff / day for a week and then I went without completely. It’s really been good. I think I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been in such pain with the headaches though. I always need to be in pain to change my life it seems!

  2. Oh man how cool! I still rely on 2 cups of coffee a day but honestly I think it’s for the taste lol. I’m pretty sure I could get by on decaf — just need to run out of full-caf so I can try it!

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