Life on Life’s Terms

SATC Life on Life’s Terms Update:

Relapsing addicts make me sad. I saw a friend/neighbor last night on my block who has been chronically relapsing for a long time now. I really hope he gets this thing soon. For me, it is an issue of willingness when someone doesn’t stay sober. You have to want it, you have to work for it, you have to be willing to go to any lengths. It’s not an issue of can vs. can’t. Everyone can get better if they are willing to, one day at a time. He knows that. He just has to want it. I will keep praying.

My one day old niece is 100% healthy and beautiful. I can’t wait to meet her on Saturday! Unsure of the baby anonymity at the moment, so pictures TBD.

Raw food diet is getting easier. For those of you who don’t know, I’m trying to go raw to detox my body to see if that helps with my chronic horrendous headaches. I had a raw organic vegan “soup” today from Organic Avenue via Norma Kamali. The soup itself was really good and much easier than eating a salad with no dressing. It was really filling though, so I left about a fourth of it in the fridge for later. Sorry I couldn’t turn this picture upright for some reason!

The only downside is when I turned the label over it said about 35 grams of fat. YIKES! But it’s the fat I don’t get from anything else I eat with this diet, so I suppose that isn’t awful for a days worth of fat. Only 350 calories. I also picked up a raw snack: Date Almonds Cherries Orange Zest via BluePrintCleanse. I have yet to try it.

Who knew I could get these delicious raw vegan snacks/meals/juices in my neighborhood? So thank you Caron for the awesome tip! I will be returning tomorrow to get some green juices!

Acupuncture last night was fantastic. I felt quite amazing during/after the treatment and H said it was working since I wasn’t as nervous and crazy as I was last week! Thank you, insurance company, for paying for all this. At the end of the session I got more tips on eating and combining food:

Tip #1 Pray before eating it makes the food less acidic. Mmmmm…I have forgotten to do this until now, but I will try it with the next thing I eat!

Tip #2 Never drink and eat at the same time. Check.

What’s new in your life today?



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7 responses to “Life on Life’s Terms

  1. The sun is new today. We haven’t seen it in forever! It’s so exciting seeing a baby for the first time. I like reading about your “raw diet” and look forward to seeing if it relieves the headaches. I have a friend who uses acupuncture when she has a terrible headache and she swears by it. Kudos to you for taking such a healthy stand when it comes to your health….

  2. That soup looks fab!

    And yes it’s SO important to keep getting fat. For most females, we need at least .5g of fat per lb of bodyweight per day, so for a 100lb female that is 50g of dietary fat.

    I hope the relapsing addict you wrote about (and all others around the world) find their way to recovery soon.

  3. I admire you my friend.

  4. ice cream

    A word about “chronic” relapsers, or relapsing in general: Those of us who are sober at the moment are a very small percentage of the addicts/ alcoholics out there. It is not for us to judge why someone is sober or not. Most alcoholics in recovery will relapse at some point. And most will not return to sobriety. Whatever it is that you think keeps you sober (willingness, grace, etc) is your higher power, not someone else’s. I never judge someone who relapses. It could just as easily be me tomorrow. I cannot get someone sober, I cannot get someone drunk. No two addicts are the same. What works for me may not work for someone else. Its not just about wanting it enough, being willing enough. If it were a matter of wanting and willingness there would be a much higher percentage of life time sobriety.

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