When Life Gives You Lemons…


I know I said I don’t have a ton of time this week to devote to SATC this week but I’m putting life on hold to tell you about the Atmosphere concert last night because it was epic.

I fell in love with Atmosphere during my using days – my junior year of high school to be specific. I had a running buddy who introduced me to drugs I’d never tried before and Atmosphere as an “underground hip hop rap group.” Underground they were as I was convinced nobody knew who they were except us. Of course that wasn’t true. There are Atmosphere fans everywhere. But, I held them close to my soul – Atmosphere was my secret band, sounds unlike any other group I listened to. You’re so beautiful from the hair to the soul.

Years went by, I got clean and Atmosphere kept making albums. A day rarely went by that I didn’t hear an Atmosphere track on my iPod. In the summer of 2009 I got tickets for two friends from high school (running buddy and dorm roommate!) to see them live at Webster Hall with me. The two girls are practically clean themselves these days, but still drink in small doses. We all had our own path to clearmindedness, but it’s nice we all came out OK on the other side. The concert was great and I knew I would see Atmosphere again.

 A few months ago I bought two tickets to the April 2011 show. Up until about 4pm yesterday I had no partner-in-crime for the concert. Leo couldn’t make it, and requested I bring a girl instead of him. I asked multiple girlfriends, but it was really hard to find someone who didn’t already have plans and had heard of my secret band. I almost resorted to going alone and maybe selling the other ticket. Then. Lightbulb. I sent a mass email to Porsche’s list for the Maiden Voyage practically begging for a date and low and behold, I got a one! The fun thing was I’d never met the awesome lady who emailed me back. New sober friend AND a concert? The night could not go wrong.

I met Kay* at Terminal 5 around 9:30 and we hopped in line. First we had to show our IDs to get wrist bands for the bar. I hate doing this because it takes up time and Excuse me, Mr Bouncer Man, I AM NOT GOING TO BE DRINKING! Then, something magical happened.

At the next station they check your purse for…who knows what. This girl was riffeling through my bag, shaking my contact lense case, opening an empty travel bottle of advil and then she stopped, looked up at me and asked “Are you a friend of Bill’s?” Shocked and confused I go, “Yeah?” She smiled “Oh, no problem, go on in.” WOW! She must have been searching for drugs to confiscate, saw my three-year AA anniversary coin in the bottom of my purse and let me in. For all the normie’s out there – Bill W was the founder of AA, so a polite way to ask someone if they are a recovering alcoholic is to ask them if they are a friend of Bill’s or if they know Bill. I told Kay the story when we got inside and it set a fun tone for the rest of the night!

Terminal 5 is standing room only, except for couches around the outskirts of the balconies. It was a sold out concert and we had a tough time getting a front row balcony spot for the first half of the concert. Instead, we sat on the floor and watched Slug do his thing through the legs of some tall guys. If you look reaaaaaaaally closely in the picture below you can see Slug doing his thing.

The second half we had a great view, enjoyed the beats and danced around. It felt so good to be sober. I am so incredibly grateful that I made a new friend last night and that we could enjoy an epic show together – no substances involved! So remember, when life gives you lemons…paint that sh*t gold.

*pseudonym to protect anonymity

What are you grateful for today?



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2 responses to “When Life Gives You Lemons…

  1. This is great! I am loving these gratitude posts 🙂 I am grateful for sunshine today and my hubby’s birthday tomorrow!!

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