Dunkaroos and Community

For anyone who is just tuning in this week, it’s Gratitute Week here at SATC! As a busy blogger who wants to keep up daily posting, I’ve decided to write about one thing each day that I’m grateful for. Gratitude is a very important part of my recovery and it’s good to keep it up front!

Tuesday’s Gratitude Item:

A few weeks ago, Sable over at Squat Like a Lady wrote about Dunkaroos! Ever since reading her post I have been craving them and then this week at the grocery store while I was picking up some fruit roll-ups I spotted them!

Cinnamon c0okies with vanilla sprinkled icing!

I am grateful for junkfood from my childhood that still exists but more importantly I am grateful for my newfound blogging community. Everyday these women teach me new things, make me smile, make me laugh and remind me of things I have forgotten about. I’m a sober blogger and I do read sober blogs, but I also love to read about what I don’t know: Food ‘n Fitness. And thanks to some kickass ladies, I feel very welcome in the Food ‘n Fitness blog community! It’s always nice to feel like I am a part of.

What are you grateful for today?



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8 responses to “Dunkaroos and Community

  1. I’m grateful for a hot date I have tonight. I might get some!

  2. I am grateful for The BOGO free Blizzard coupon that I got for Dairy Queen. I’m going to use it tonight!
    Why are all the things I’m grateful for food?? 🙂

  3. I’m grateful that my oldest child will graduate from The Wausau Highschool Leadership Program tonight. A teacher nominated him for this honor and we have watched him grow in confidence and leadership over this school year. It’s awsome to watch your children becoming their own “person”! (I’m grateful for junkfood too!)

  4. hahahaha I saw the picture and I was like OH MY GOD SOMEONE ELSE IS EATING THEM TOO! I feel like a 3rd grader eating them but they are just so GOOD!

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