Wednesday Winners

It’s only Wednesday? This fact saddens me to no end. However! I have this Friday off work so technically tomorrow is like Friday for me. Excellent. As this post appears in blogworld I will be at some crazy doctor’s office getting my brain looked at. That’s right, I finally found a neurologist who could see me in less than 2 months time! Also – I am making an acupuncture appointment with a friend from the program. Kickass.

So lately SATC has been hijacked with Recovery and Health issues. Where have all the cowboys fun times gone? That is a very good question, well let’s see if I can show you some of the small things that have been making my life less miserable lately…

Have I told you how much I’ve been enjoying the Girl Scout Cookies from my lovely friend at Maiden Voyage? Having friends with school-age children is really paying off in more ways than one!

This Friday I might be going to the Bronx Zoo with my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. Last time they were here we went to the Central Park Zoo but the little tyke was too small to notice the animals and/or stay awake very long!

Leo and I went to The Coffee Shop in Union Square on Saturday night and it was tasty! It’s the one restaurant in this city where I actually order off the “specials” menu. They always have delicious daily quesadillas – this weekend’s included lamb, carmelized onions and mozz cheese!

Last night I went to a get together for my all-girls sleepaway camp on the UES. Pizza and cake! And wine, but of course no wine for me. I got the cake from Magnolia Bakery down the street from my office. If you ever come to NYC, please find a Magnolia’s! It’s mainly a cupcake place and oh so tasty. I also recommend Crumbs.

Ok, there’s not too much else that’s fun going on with me lately except for A WEDDING AND A NEW BABY in the next three weeks! Don’t worry…neither of those things are for me, but I get to participate and they will both enhance my life immensely!

What’s making you smile today?



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2 responses to “Wednesday Winners

  1. Awwwww a new baby and a wedding?! It must really feel like spring where you are =)

    I am holding onto the scrap of hope that this warmish weather will hold up!

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