Sober Celebrities

Ahh, the beginning of a new week. Well I don’t have much to report on the weekend, except that I saw Arthur  on Friday night with two sober friends who are about to tie the knot, FUN, and the movie was HILARIOUS!

Russell Brand has grown on me over his last few movies. Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greeks and now Arthur. I think I pretty much love him now since I know he’s one of us. Don’t worry I’m not breaking his anonymity or anything – he’s very public about it. It all makes sense now too since in FSM he was clean, in Greeks he clearly plays a party animal and in Arthur he’s a drunk who lives like a child and has to figure out how to grow up. I now follow him on The Twitter – @rustyrockets!

I think it’s pretty great when celebrities get sober. It’s great when anyone gets sober. I just can’t imagine all the pressure famous people are under when I feel it’s pretty tough to be a regular member of society. Plus, all the parties and free stuff…I’d be a basketcase if I were a celebrity, that is for sure. I haven’t seen a ton of famous people at NYC meetings, but I also don’t go to the hip meetings downtown. Plenty of my girlfriends see celebs at their homegroups on regular basis. I’m not sure I’d go all star-struck if I saw someone famous at a meeting, though. It would just be another person trying to stay sober one day at a time, like me. I’m not going to lie to you though…my ears would perk up if said celebrity were to share and I might wet my pants if they were to hold my hand during the closing prayer, or you know, look in my general direction.

I’d totally want to hang out with Dr. Drew

There are celebrities who haven’t quite gotten the 12 steps though: LiLo, Charlie Sheen, etc. Some try harder than others and some clearly don’t want the help. It’s not for me to say whether someone is an alcoholic/addict – you can only diagnose yourself. It’s hard to ignore the patterns of others though. The thing about getting sober though, is you can only get help if you really want it. Not if your agent wants it or the judge want it, YOU have to want it. No amount of DUIs or nights in jail are going to make someone stop drinking/using if they have zero desire to do so. 

So until someone has that desire can we all just ignore their shenanigans? Why are we cheering on people who are clearly about to hit rock bottom? Charlie Sheen getting his own tour because he’s a sick and suffering individual? That makes no sense to me and he’s making a mockery of himself.  It’s sad and pathetic if you ask me. I just hope he doesn’t end up dead like the countless other individuals who die from this disease.

If you know someone who acts like a crazypants and ingests controlled substances more than the average Joe… suggest they get to a meeting before they end up dead or on the stage of Radio City Music Hall embarrassing themselves in front of thousands of people. Plus, if I were famous, and a man, I’d want to be more like Russell Brand. He’s married to Katy Perry!

What do you think?



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4 responses to “Sober Celebrities

  1. Russell Brand is amazing. He’s so funny — hilarious really — seems like a genuinely good person, and is so open about his struggles. It does make me sad to witness things like Charlie Sheen’s downward spiral because yes, some of the things he says are ridiculous and funny….but he is killing himself before our very eyes. It’s tragic.

  2. I’m growing to love russel as well =) At first I was super confused by him and his stand-up-y shenanigans and all but those movies have found a fun little place in my heart and i cant stop quoting them! hehe

    so great that he’s sober and fabulous and omg yeah.. katy perry is probably one heck of a partner in crime!

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