Girls Night Out!

Have you ever seen an asian dragqueen up close and personal? It is pretty phenomenal. This weekend we had a big girl’s night out at Lucky Cheng’s to celebrate Caron’s Bachelorette Party! Hanging out with Dragqueens was probably the opposite of what any of us ever expected to be doing on a Saturday night, but it was great sober fun!!

Before embarking on our epic Girls Night Out, a few of the girls met me and Caron at Straight 12, which is a meeting in the Union Square area. I’d never been to that meeting so it was refreshing to see some new faces and hear a new story. I’ve been getting stuck going to the same meetings over and over again and although I am getting what I need, it is nice to branch out a little bit.

After the meeting we grabbed a cab down to the East Village for the party at Lucky’s! We waited in the lobby area until all the girls arrived and then we were escorted to our table. Our waiter(tress?) was tall and gorgeous:

Jezebel, our waitress

All the waitresses were Dragqueens (men dressed as women). The Queens were very entertaining and hilarious, despite using some racist humor at some points! There were white, black and asian queens so I think it was supposed to be all in good fun.

The food was delicious and the place was filled with other bachelorette party and birthday party groups. Here’s a quick summary of the whole experience: You sit with your group and order a family-style dinner for a fixed price per person (drinks are separate) and then you enjoy a hilarious show put on by a few of the queens. You can also organize a personal lapdance for your Bachelorette or Birthday Girl/Boy. Of course we organized one for Caron and it was OUTRAGEOUSLY funny. I got a video of part of it and oh my goodness I’ve never laughed so hard. One of the girls was joking at the end of the night that her face hurt from smiling so much.

Scene in the room behind us

I have to say it was the most fun I’ve had with my girlfriends in the longest time. I rarely stay out til 2AM and it was totally worth it.  Despite all the heavy drinking taking place around us, we were having a blast staying sober. There was even a table of other sober people we knew just having dinner there! So if anyone out there thinks it’s impossible to have fun sober, come hang out with us and we will show you that you are SO wrong! I am so grateful to have an amazing group of girls to share my life with today.

Anniversary news: a HUGE congratulations goes out to V for celebrated 1 Year Sober yesterday!

I hope everyone’s week is starting out on a good note. I’m qualifying at the 10:30 AA meeting tonight. I haven’t qualified in a really long time, so I hope I’ll say something that someone can identify with!

Have you ever been to a bachelorette party?



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2 responses to “Girls Night Out!

  1. Yes, my own, and all I wanted to do was get home and get sleep because we had so many people flying in the next day for the wedding. I’m glad you had such a good time. I find I enjoy myself so much more now that I’m sober and the best is never having to worry about another hangover again!!

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