Sun Warrior Fun

The only downside to last night was that I had a pretty terrible headache when I came home from work. I ate some Ramen (oh heeey cheap eats!) and then took a nap before chairing the 10:30 AA clubhouse meeting.Thanks to A for speaking for me at the last minute!! I am so grateful for service – I wouldn’t have gotten to a meeting otherwise.

I went to bed with a headache and woke up with one but guess who came over night??


As many of you know I read a lot of food and fitness blogs (check out the blogroll – these ladies are awesome!) and through my daily reads I am becoming more and more motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. Caron, the bff, tries all sorts of fun health foods and she said I should try Sun Warrior Protein. It’s pretty expensive (~$45) but you get a ton of the protein mix for your money. And when I researched on the website I saw the nutrition facts and figured I had to give it a shot!

80 Calories and 16 grams of protein? I’m in.

It comes in three flavors – Vanilla, Chocolate and Natural. What the heck is Natural flavor? I didn’t want to find out. Caron recommended Chocolate so that’s what I ordered via Amazon! Caron also recommended I get a blender bottle to mix up my shakes in. It came earlier late last week!

I was anxiously awaiting the Sun Warrior to test it out in my $6 blender bottle! When I woke up there was an email from my apartment building saying I had a package! It came at 2:24am?? That USPS man must be a nightowl…hoot! I picked up the package on the way to work and the walk to my office felt longer than usual. When I finally got to the office I ripped open the box like a five year old on Christmas morning. Tada!

Isn’t it beautiful? Ok, it’s not, but I was excited to try it. The instructions on the bag just say “1 or 2 scoops with [insert your favorite liquid here].” I opened the resealable bag and didn’t see a scoop inside. Oh no! I decided to make a shake regardless and just estimate with a spoon. There is no almond milk (the recommended liquid) at my office so I used water. Whatever I did – it came out really gross. The instructions were really very helpful at all in terms of a suggested protein to liquid ratio.

I decided to try again with cow’s milk. I filled the blender bottle half way with skim milk from the fridge. I got a new spoon and dug around in the bag. I found the scoop! Decided it was too chocolately to use at the moment but I left it on top of the mix for tomorrow. I estimated a bit better with the spoon this time and with a little shake, shake, shake: IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Looks like I have a new breakfast plan for the forseable future. Much better than the sugary cereal and junk I usually eat! I’m going to dig around online today to find some fun recipes to try with my SWP (“Sun Warrior Protein”).

Sometimes fun comes in small packages.

What are you doing for your health today?



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8 responses to “Sun Warrior Fun

  1. Drinking my water, and eating healthy. I just had a snack of wasabi/soy almonds, and a healthy lunch is on the agenda. It sounds nice but put a handful of chocolate in front of me (esp. white chocolate truffles) and I have no qualms about tossing healthy eating out the window! Shamless I know, but ours is a program of truth…..

  2. boo you whore! I wanted to know how the natural tastes!!!! haha =) glad you love the choc-o-late! ❤ I have been DYING to try sunwarior!!!! I use amazing grass atm and might branch out a bit… though amazing grass pom mango is pretty darn stellar! it doesnt have as much protein though!

  3. I was debating between Sun Warrior and Life’s Basics when I went veggie and ultimately picked Life’s Basics because it has a bit of a better protein to calorie ratio — but it’s good to know that Sun Warrior is delish! That is definitely a factor for me when choosing a new protein powder 😉

  4. I’ve been wanting to try this forever, but just can’t convince myself to spend the money. Although, I haven’t heard one bad thing about it. Maybe I should search for a good deal online.

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