Silly Shortcomings

Wowie! So much medical drama on SATC this week. Thanks for staying tuned until the fun could return. I figured I should end the blog-week on a humorous note.

As I was pondering my post for Wednesday I wrote the post below. Then when I went to the gym on Tuesday night and realized it was life altering and must be written about, I posted that story instead. So here you go…some stupid things that I do. Maybe you do them too?

Do you ever pronounce words in your head when you spell them? Like this: Wed-Nes-Day. Because I do. I also spell Connecticut by sounding it out: Connect-I-Cut!

I tell time by literally counting the fives on a manual clock. Three fives = 15, Seven fives = 35, etc. Sue me. I grew up with digital clocks! Also – the clocks without numbers on them? Those are the worst – but the ‘counting fives’ methods works well!

I still tie my shoes using the bunny ears method. None of this, up the hole and around the tree stuff. Make two ears – tie them together. Done! I will teach my kids this method only.

I am right-handed but when I eat I keep the fork in my right hand and I use my knife in my left hand. It wasn’t until learning table manners at my all-girls summer camp that I learned I was incorrect. I have never understood why people cut their food and then switch hands to eat it. Time wasters

I admit I have no idea how to use affect and effect correctly. No matter how many times I learn, I can never remember. I purposely construct sentences so that I do not have to use either word. It actually causes me to be more creative with my sentences.

Don’t even get me started with my incorrect comma usage.

After years of knowing Porscha, I recently discovered that I pronounce and spell her last name completely incorrectly and basically backwards. It was such a revelation to learn the truth!

I know, I know, I’m 25 and “well-educated” and I should know this stuff by now…but I think my brain has certain black holes when it comes to simple tasks. Sometimes Leo wonders how I survive in the world without his guidance 24/7. I suppose it’s fun-ny to make fun of my own shortcomings, but I promise to be more fun and recovery oriented next week. Happy Friday everyone!

What do you do that is silly and embarrassing?



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8 responses to “Silly Shortcomings

  1. I have no idea how to use affect and effect either. And you know what, I don’t give any of the f*cks about it!! Have a good weekend!

  2. Ummm I totally do the 5’s thing. And sometimes the only way I can tell my left from my right is because my right hand has my wedding ring on it. lol! Before I got married I had to use the “make an L with your fingers” method.

  3. OMG! I wrote a post on this called “A Glorious Party of WRONG.”
    Wrong is fantastic! Wrong is holy! When other people make mistakes I realize I am not alone. Thank-you!

  4. I pronounce words like that also or I pronounce letters that are silent like scissors, with big emphasis on the silent “C”. I rarely if ever wear matching socks because who sees your socks in boots! I never wear matching jewelry, and hate “sets” of jewelry. No “matchy, matchy for me! I like to round prices in my head rather than be exact, and I used to do this in my checkbook until I started online banking. So not so weird but quirky little things. Hope you have a great weekend….

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