Cheapest Gym in NYC

I did it! I actually went to my gym.

Gyms in NYC are so expensive. I can’t justify spending $178 / month at Equinox when I’m not even convinced I would go. Case in point: I joined the gym at my old job last year (half the price of Equinox) for 6 months and I went maybe 3 times. Those are some expensive workouts! When I started going to Physique in the fall I decided that I loved it and that I should start working out more in general. Physique is great for strength and toning but it doesn’t do much in terms of cardio, especially if you are like me and only go once a week. I went online and researched all the local gym options.

I found a gem (yes, I meant to say gem). I live across the street from a hotel. It turns out that the hotel has a gym that is run as a separate business. The advertised monthly fee was pretty low. As I searched further, the website said I would get a discount because I live in the neighborhood, awesome! So one night after work in November I went over to check it out. It’s your typical hotel gym – a couple treadmills, bikes, lots of weight machines, some free weights, TVs and mirrored walls. I didn’t need anything fancy. The gym’s manager told me that if I paid for a year’s membership up front I would get 50% off the already discounted price. SCORE! A gym in midtown for $20/month? I was sold.

I joined in November…and never went back. The low sunk cost didn’t make me feel awful about not going. Oh, and I’m lazy. Plus I knew going to the gym and power-walking on the treadmill for 60 minutes wasn’t going to be nearly as fun as going to Physique for 57 minutes. Leo finds its very hard to believe that I was an NCAA athlete in college when I talk about my lack of desire to actually workout.

With all this mystery surrounding my headaches, I started to think hard about morphing my daily routine into something healthier. I read somewhere online that exercise can be good for headaches because it gets your blood and oxygen flowing which can help relieve brain pain. Is it true? Maybe not, but I was willing to try anything.

Since Maiden Voyage was cancelled (sadface), I knew I had no excuse not to go to the gym. I got home at 7pm and put on my workout clothes right away. My college coach always told us that half the battle to independent exercise was simply getting your workout clothes on and getting out the door. Great advice! Once I was dressed I headed out the door with my exam book and my iTouch and jogged across the street to the hotel. I signed in, made some joke to the manager about it being my first time in months and found the treadmill.

My right knee has always been weak (I’ll save the knee story for tomorrow), so I don’t run. Physique has been helping me with strengthening my legs though. Maybe someday I will run again!  Regardless of my unrealistic future as a marathon champion, I like to power-walk on an incline. That was my workout of choice last night!

The above is a blurry blackberry picture I took during the cool-down. I walked for 30 minutes at 4.0mph at an incline of 7.0. Technically it said I burned 331 calories, but…I doubt it. After my treadmill fun I found the 5 lbs free weights and did the Physique bicep/tricep warmup. I would love for my arms to be defined so I can look strong in a tank top instead of just skinny and weak.

My workout wasn’t extreme but I was proud of myself for just stepping in the door! I also got 30 minutes of study time in on the treadmill. I can read and walk at the same time, I am SO coordinated! I even sweated. It counts. After my workout, instead of ordering Thai food as usual, I walked to Walgreens to get some Lean Cuisines. Sweet and Sour Chicken, my favorite:

I know it’s not the most nutritious dinner and definitely far from homemade, but its a healthy option for us lazy folks. It’s only 300 calories, so I had some hummus and wheat thins to subsedize after I licked the bowl clean. After dinner I chugged a bottle of water and settled in to catch up on the first episodes of this seasons’ Nurse Jackie and U.S. of Tara. I heart SHO.

Thanks to all the healthy fitness bloggers who motivate me to be a healthier version of myself!

Note: If you want information about my awesomely cheap gym, email me. I decided not to publicize the gym’s name to stay safe.

How do you motivate yourself to exercise?



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10 responses to “Cheapest Gym in NYC

  1. I love that Lean Cuisine. I like the spinach and mushroom deep dish pizza too.

    Good job getting out to the gym. I walk on the treadmill too. Your post makes me want to get back into my Physique dvds though too.

  2. Independent exercise has always been a part of my life — my husband is an amateur bodybuilder and he got me hooked on lifting a year ago. So it’s just part of my weekly schedule — I have my training schedule and I add cardio if I feel like it (it’s my off-season). It’s just natural for me — very very luckily!

  3. $20 a month is so cheap! Way to go snagging that deal. Do you ever bike? I know I probably had something different from you, but back when I was working out I found bike didn’t aggravate my knee and helped build tons of muscle that made it stronger.

    And before I went on pain meds for the EM, I used to get terrible headaches. I had some luck eliminating certain foods from my diet, like nitrates. Do you get migraines? I read this book (during a 10-day headache!) that talked about three supplements (magnesium, riboflavin, and feverfew I think) that help with headaches, especially migraines. They just prevent, not treat, but it might help. Here’s the book (it gives specific types of these supplements and doses):

    Hope you feel better!

    • I do bike sometimes. It’s hard for me to not get bored sitting on a bike though and for some reason I never sweat all that much when I bike. I am also slightly terrified of real bikes since I got hit by a car once – oh a story for another day!

      Thanks for the headache tips! I should really looking at my diet and what’s in it and what it’s lacking. I will check out the book!

  4. oooh hoooray on your gym! ❤ I have a HORRIBLE knee and I stick with kickboxing, ab torture class (yup. pure TORTURE.) and spinning! Normally spinning hurts my knee but my new instructor doesnt!

    ooh! is there an archglider thingie at your gym? Those are AMAZING!!!! they dont have them at mine! but just FYI – they roooock your legs and butt!

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