Headache, Headache, GO AWAY!

Happy Monday!

I am sad to report that my weekend was sub-par due to another horrific headache that peaked on Saturday. I had to cancel my Physique class but since it wasn’t 6 hours before the class…I got charged the $30 as if I had attended the class. Physique has such a smart business model, I just wish I hadn’t had to waste a class on account of a debilitating headache. I kept holding out, hoping I would feel better, but I didn’t. Looks like I will be scheduling a CTscan this week to get my head examined. Jokes are welcome here, folks.

I’ve been getting low-to-high grade headaches since mid-fall. These headaches are not cured via Advil, Exedrin Migraine, hydration, caffeine, lack of caffeine, nicotine, lack of nicotine. Nothing works. Not even reading WebMD. Finally, thinking the headaches might be caused by sinus issues, saw an Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) doctor a few months ago. She gave me some decongestion spray and I’ve been doing the NeilMed Sinus rinse everyday too. But she said if these headaches didn’t go away with the use of those products I should get a CTscan. I’ve been putting off the scan because either I think they won’t find anything, I am terrified they will find something or because a lot of the time I feel fine. Last week was a low-to-high grade constant headache lasting 6 days. That’s just not normal. I feel a bit of relief today, but time to go in and get a scan done.

UGH! I did not get sober to be sick.

Needless to say, my weekend was not filled with fun. I did bake Leo a gluten free pumpkin pie that turned out horrifically even after baking for over an hour past the expected cook time. Here’s a picture of the ingredients:

I found the gluten free pie crust at whole foods. I followed the instructions on the Libby’s pumpkin can but after an hour of baking it was still a soupy mess. More sugary than the organic filling I used for a pumpkin pie for New Year’s but it never solidified. Either my oven is a sad mess or I’m an awful pastry chef.

On Sunday we attempted to study for a while before heading out to a really nice dinner in Connecticut at Leo’s club. My veal scallopine was amazing. I should probably apologize to all my health-nut readers for eating veal, but I’m not going to. It was delicious. Plus, it’s the only thing that made me feel good all weekend.

On a more positive note, I am in third place in my basketball pool. Unfortunately, so are two other people… at least I will get back 80% of my original investment!

Have you ever had an unexplained, unrelenting, untreatable headache?



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6 responses to “Headache, Headache, GO AWAY!

  1. Here I just gave you a big hug! I have suffered from migraines since I was 17. I have visited an emergency room on more than one occasion because of the severity of my headaches. I have also wasted more time lying in a dark room not moving because if I did I was sure my head would explode into a thousand pieces. I have seen neurologists, had scans, tried numerous healthy diets, avoiding this, that and guess what none of it worked. Three years ago I switched doctors. I liked this lady right away. We were discussing my headaches and she was taking my pulse when she looked at me and said, “Do you know you barely have a pulse on the left side of your body?” This lead to a lengthy discussion and her starting me on a beta blocker. That tiny little pill I take once a day cut my migraines by 75%. I take Imitrex when I wake up with a migraine or feel one coming on, and usually am headache free within two hours. But the beta blocker has made all the difference. I wish I would have known this years ago, but that’s life. When I get a tension headache I drink a lot of ginger tea, and it really does seem to relieve that type of headache. Go in for a scan, ask questions, find some solutions because a headache can wipe you out for days, and you are right, you didn’t quit drinking for this. Hope you feel better soon!

    • Thanks for sharing your story! I will have better questions to ask now. It never feels like the migraines I got pre-puberty but they are more or less horrific. More than that I can’t fix them! Hopefully ill get some solutions soon! xoxo

  2. Nicole

    I feel your pain – about a month ago I had a horrendous headache that lasted about 3 weeks – 3 WEEKS!!! Nothing, and I mean nothing, cured it. I went to the neurologist twice, had 2 CT scans (both of which found absolutely nothing), tried all kinds of medications (non-narcotic of course), cried on and off, etc. I have a history of migraines but nothing for migraines was working so that wasn’t it. Finally, my neurologist gave me a medication with serotonin in it and within 2 days my headache was gone. Apparently serotonin is known to help headaches — it is also a known anti-depressant if administered in larger doses. Perhaps the headache just went away…I doubt it. It really helped!

  3. OMG girl! After a full day of marine corps combat training and BS on saturday ( I volunteered to do this… dumb eh? haha!) I came home to such a bad headache I couldn’t even keep my eyes open! it sucked! It took 2 excedrin, a meal, and coffee to cure it and I still have no idea where it came from or which method actually fixed it!

    I hope you figure out what’s wrong doll! The longest i’ve had is maybe 2-3 days straight so i’m really praying you feel better!

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