Ticket Success

I usually don’t blog on the weekends but since I am at the office on a Saturday doing some work, I decided to report on my recent concert ticket purchases:

Death Cab for Cutie (Bowery Ballroom – June 1st)

I am sad to report that getting the DCFC tickets was quite the process. I was told online that if I bought a fanclub membership I would get access to the special ticket presale. But the darn tickets sold out in less than 30 seconds on Wednesday! I was so disappointed, especially because I spent money on the membership solely to ensure getting the tickets early. Basically I just end up with an expensive T-shirt. Luckily when the tickets went on sale today at 12pm I hopped on Ticketmaster and got them! Leo is very excited.

Guster & Jack’s Mannequin (Central Park Summer Stage – August 8th)

While perusing Ticketmaster I found out Guster and Jack’s Mannequin will be performing in Central Park! Guster is a favorite from growing up at summer camp in NH  – I saw them live at NYC’s Beacon Theatre last year. Leo sat down as I danced around during the whole concert, so not sure he will be accompanying me this summer. Jack’s Mannequin is actually a spinoff of the band Something Corporate. Does anyone remember them? God I miss high school emo music. I used to listen to them as I mulled through all of my teenage anst:

Let’s get drunk
You can drive us to the harbor
Wish upon a star but
Do you know what stars are?
Balls of fire, burning up the black space
Falling from the landscape
Exploding in the face of God

I hear sound echo in the emptiness
All around but you can’t change this loneliness
Look what you’ve found, I’ve fallen down

Taste the saline rolling down your cheekbone
Tell me that you’re alone, tell me on the telephone
Feel your heart it breaks within your chest now
Try to get some rest now, sleeps not coming easy for a while, child

Hopefully they will perform some Something Corporate tunes if that’s even allowed…if not I will settle for the emo-tastic voice of the lead singer.

Happy Saturday Kids! I’m off to get my bridesmaid dress altered and then to P57!

What concerts are you going to this summer?



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4 responses to “Ticket Success

  1. omggggggggggg I miss SOCO! ❤ Love JM and OBSESSED with DCFC — that is my winter music all the way — I still listen to them almost daily and the hubs still whines that he doesnt like them b/c they whine. haha!

    We would have been bffs in high school =) I know it! psshhh.. would be now too if we lived in the same darn place!

  2. I’m so jealous that you’re going to see Jack’s Mannequin. I’ve seen him twice in Newport, RI. I love him.

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