Friday Funk

Happy Friday kids! Apologies for the following less-than-exciting post, I’m in a funk today.

Last night I met up with Leo and his friend who had entered a beerpong tournament at one of the University clubs here in the city. Note: this is in no way whatsoever a sober activity. I remained sober of course, but I don’t recommend this as “sober fun.” I hung out with Leo’s friend’s girlfriend while the boys lost twice to two female teams. The females were apparently cheating but since I don’t play beerpong anymore I don’t know all the rules nor do I care to learn them. I saw a friend from high school at the tournament – newly engaged…awesome. There was free food, so that was about the only highlight of the event. Then we wandered over to a local pub and watched some March Madness. I am still in first place in my pool! Except I only have one team left in the Final Four so there is no way that I will win the pool. No fun.

It’s not easy dating someone who drinks. Some days I deal with it well and sometimes I don’t. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m jealous he can drink and I can’t or if I simply don’t like how drunk people act. Luckily he rarely gets “drunk” in front of me anymore but last night was borderline. I could ask him to stop drinking because I don’t like it, but he’s not an alcoholic and that’s not really fair of me. I also know that controlling someone else’s actions only leads to resentment. So for now, if he drinks I require him to brush his teeth and rinse well with mouthwash before he kisses me. And if he wants to go out and act like a crazy 21 year old with the boys, he can go without me!

Weekend plans:

Tonight: Gluten Free Chinese Food and baking gluten free pumpkin pie with Leo.

Saturday: Bridesmaid dress alterations and Physique57. No plans for the evening yet, anyone want to hang out??

Sunday: Studying in the morning and then dinner at Leo’s club in the suburbs.

Last but certainly not least: HAPPY 4 YEARS of Sobriety to Nic!

What’s your sobriety date? I’m going to put together a page of anniversaries (pseudonyms of course)!



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4 responses to “Friday Funk

  1. Yes, it’s difficult to be around drinking people when you are sober. My husband and I attended a dinner party three weeks into my sobriety. It was strange, but luckily my oldest son was in a curling tournament and not driving yet so I got to excuse myself to go pick him up. A friend who doesn’t drink came along to keep me company. We got to the tournament and they were an hour behind. We ended up waiting for them to play and talking and not getting back to the party until it was ending (by the grace of God) we walked in and it was so loud, and so much chaos, I got my hubby and ran. I finally got a good picture of what I used to look like. I was always in the middle of that. My husband still drinks, but only an import beer here and there or a really good scotch. I learned very on as you already know that we are the alcoholics. I do know that he respects my sobriety and there have been times when we’ve taken two cars to different events in case I’m getting tired of the drinkers and want to go home, I can. You are young, you have a lot of courage to be sober at your age. I can tell you I wouldn’t have had the guts to quit drinking at a young age. You are an example to your peers. I guess as long as you feel comfortable with Leo ( a name I had picked out if our last child had been a boy 🙂 drinking then its ok and besides you know how to set boundaries if it does start to bother you. Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned, and my sobriety anniversary is actually my birthday Feb. 6th! I purposely planned it that way, why not a “rebirth” on the actual birthday!!!

  2. I have to say that it’s also hard for non-alcoholics who either don’t drink to get drunk or who simply don’t want to drink at that moment (say, because some of us have, you know, real jobs) to be around people who are drinking (especially drinking games). It can be awkward and annoying.

    Hope your spirits pick up! Have a great weekend!

    PS Thinking about purchasing Physique 57 DVDs since am in no way close enough to attend an actual class. Do you know how well they compare to the actual classes?

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