Is the World Ending?

That’s it. I am declaring war on NYC weather.

On my way out of work last night the security guard goes to me, “You need to be extremely careful outside.” Confused, I looked through the glass revolving doors ahead of me. Holy crap in a pita! It was hailing! Hail? Seriously? Dippin’ dot sized hail, but hail none the less. Glad I had my ‘brella with me or otherwise I would have suffered some serious ice cream flavored brain damage on my walk home.

It must be the end of the world because I also have the plague. Tummy pain, serious digestive issues, massive headache and I’ve felt feverish since Monday. Alright, enough complaining…

I finally had a real lunch yesterday:

A delicious salad from Pret. Very similar to The Salad that Leo and I love from Whole Foods. Except this one involves chicken. And blue cheese instead of goat cheese.

Finally got to watch the Series Finale of Big Love last night. So powerful. I’m gonna miss my weekly polygamist television fix.

Short and sweet today. I’m so busy with work, ack!

Have you ever had the plague?



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2 responses to “Is the World Ending?

  1. I’ve definitely had the plague! We actually had snow a few weeks ago. In central California. You might not be aware, but we haven’t had snow in my area since the 1970’s. I think the world might be ending… 2012 is coming…

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