Celebration, Customized Chocolate and Celiacs

Anyone got a case of the Mondays? I think NYC weather does. It was pouring rain as I walked to work this morning and then blizzarding during my 9:30am meeting. How does the temperature just drop 10 degrees in an hour? I am in protest of such flagrant changes.

Rather than focus on Monday, how about that weekend?!?!

Saturday I had class and then celebrated with some friends at Caron’s Bridal Brunch at a Bistro on the east side! It was a nice intimate gathering and the food was delicious! The Maid of Honor and I made customized chocolate bars as secret party favors. I really wish I could show you pictures because the bars turned out fabulous. Anonymity strikes again! Here are a few shots of other wedding bars from the Chocomize website so you can picture it:

Since I can’t include a picture of the ones we made, I’ll describe them instead. We started out with dark chocolate, had Chocomize create an edible image on the chocolate using one of C’s professional engagement photos and then imbedded in the dark chocolate are 23 karat gold flakes. The chocolate was encased in a ivory box (pictured above) and I ordered pre-made stick-on navy blue bows from a DIY wedding invitation site to stick on the front.

The label on the back read something humorous alluding to the gold in the chocolate as well as the gorgeous rock on Caron’s finger. Overall the bars were well-received! I couldn’t believe the MoH and I were able to keep them a secret for so long. I cannot wait for the wedding, it’s going to be beautiful.

Saturday night Leo and I went to a gluten free Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side: Sambuca (W 72nd and CPW). I found it on a google search last week and made us reservations. Leo is a celiac so we try a lot of gluten free restaurants around the city so he can eat things other than plain meat. To be supportive, I will order gluten free as well so that he can eat what I don’t finish. Our favorite gluten free chinese restaurant is Lili’s 57 and we order from there at least once a week! Most restaurants will have a regular menu and a gluten free menu – we have yet to go to a place that only has gluten free.

When I arrived at Sambuca, Leo was at the bar having a Red Bridge (one of the only gluten free beers on the market) and some gluten free bread. He was in heaven. Although he doesn’t particularly like the taste of Red Bridge, he always likes when a bar has it because he feels supported in his battle with celiacs. We’ve found Red Bridge at Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium too – you just have to search for the International Pubs. Remember, Leo isn’t an alcoholic like me. His drinking only bothers me if he’s drunk. I don’t mind if he has 1 or 2 drinks in front of me but it took me a few years to get used to this.

We ordered a chicken dish, spinach ravioli, pesto pasta and a caesar salad to share. The pesto dish and chicken dish were very good. The ravioli was not as good – the rice pasta that they used was just a bit too…chewy for me. You always have to discount a dish that’s made gluten free, but I wouldn’t order it again. For dessert we had gluten free chocolate cake and it was to die for! I highly recommend Sambuca for anyone who isn’t eating wheat anymore.

In related news, The Dakota was on right near Sambuca and when I win the lottery I am determined to live here:

After the movie I used my LivingSocial Fandango.com gift certificate ($9 for two tickets instead of face value $28)so we could go see Take Me Home Tonight

We had to go to a theater in the Flat Iron district which we never go to because the movie has been out for a while and not a lot of theaters are hosting it anymore. The movie was pretty hilarious and I give it too thumbs up minus Barry’s blatant use of white powder throughout the bulk of the film. It’s remindes me of a slightly updated version of Can’t Hardly Wait which was Leo’s all-time favorite movie in high school. Plus it stars Topher Grace from That 70’s Show and he’s awesome.

Sunday morning we both studied for our respective financial exams and then he went to hit balls at Chelsea Piers when I went to Physique’s Spring St Studio for my weekly class. I have always taken classes at their midtown studio but since I was in Soho at Leo’s apartment I switched my class to Spring St. The Spring St studio is much bigger than 57th Street and it has more showers! I was impressed. On top of that, Tanya was my instructor (she founded Physique) so I had a great class!

We watched basketball for the rest of the day and Leo made tacos with Fresh Direct groceries for dinner. Overall this weekend was pretty stellar.

What cool Bridal Shower gifts have you given/received?



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4 responses to “Celebration, Customized Chocolate and Celiacs

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. I really want to see that movie, but it’ s not in theatres here anymore 😦

    I’ve seen a lot of dildos at bridal showers.

  2. ooh fab! thanks for the mini movie review! I loved Can’t hardly wait so I’m hoping this will crack me up =) My little bro is gluten free and dairy free b/c of his tummy issues so its good to know there are so many restaurants trying to make it easier on celiac peeps to eat out!!!

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