Here Comes the Rain

Low and behold I raised the shades in my apartment this morning and it’s RAINING! Not a surprise in New York City. It’s been precipitating almost nonstop since November. This was the worst winter I’ve experienced in the city. So. Much. Snow. Now that it is 40-50 degrees outside the would-be-snow is rain. sigh. I don’t mind the rain when I’m all curled up on my couch watching some heart-warming movie. But when I have to walk fifteen minutes work in the morning- that’s when I would bribe the rain gods to make it stop.


This morning’s rain was not the typical heavy drops streaming directly to the ground. It was this light almost misty rain that constantly changed directions. I like to call it Confusion City Rain. It’s the kind of rain you aren’t quite sure how to block with your umbrella. Hold it over your head, tilt it slightly to either side, hold it straight out in front to block the oncoming side-ways spray? No matter what I tried this morning the method was never good for more than a few seconds and I would have to readjust again. Does this rain exist outside of major cities?

And now you’re thinking – you live in NYC, why don’t you just take a bus, subway or cab to work?

1. Well friends, I live in a transportation blind spot when it comes to the subway. I would have to walk a few blocks north to get on the subway only to go a few blocks southeast to get to work. It doesn’t make sense, it costs $2.50 now (thanks M.T.A.), I really hate waiting underground and commuting via subway causes my trip to be twice as long as walking.

2. I could take a $4 cab, but when it’s raining you spend so much time trying to hail one, you end up getting wet anyways and the trip also takes twice as long due to bad weather traffic.

3. Don’t get me started on NYC buses…I have yet to figure out that system – I welcome all bus-riding tips in the comment section!

Due to the above, I always end up walking. And that’s just what I did today. What saved me from being completely drenched by the time I got to my desk?

My Hunters and My Umbrella (ella ella ay ay ay)

If you haven’t discovered the magic of Hunter boots…please get a pair. I’m pretty convinced they are indestructable. Unless of course you throw them in a big pizza oven, in which case I’m pretty convinced they would melt. They come in a variety of colors and they allow you to step in 12 inch puddles and stay dry! Plus you can buy these handy fleece liners that convert the Hungers from rain boots to snow boots:

I love you Hunters, thank you for saving my feet, pants and shoes from all precipitation and subsequent puddles. Thank you, Mother, for the best Christmas gift of 2010.

The ‘brella? It’s nothing special. Just your typical $4 completely destructible bodega umbrella. I think I buy at least 5-6 every year because they always break or I leave them in various places around the city. Heaven forbid I buy a legitimate umbrella…maybe I would keep it for more than a week?


The irony of this morning? Playing on my iTouch when I walked out the door was this: A Beautiful World by Tim Myers

The children outside all are laughing under perfect skies
The shapes and patterns in this season make me feel alive
So despite the actual weather I was feeling quite spirited. Also I found out this week I’m going to see Rain in April with Leo’s family!
Can anyone count the number of times I used the word Rain today?


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6 responses to “Here Comes the Rain

  1. so fabulous that you’re still fun and cheery despite the downpour of your confusion rain! hehe! thank goodness for hunters and umbrella ella ellas 😉

  2. Saw you dropped by so I wanted to do the same. AHHHH NYC you lucky girl. I’m in the heartland Wisconsin. And we do have rain that doesn’t cooperate. Plus I go through three or four umbrella’s every year. I once invested in a really nice one and then of course left it somewhere. So back to the cheap ones! No advice for transportation. I just jump in the car and go. I will check out the boots as I love to walk in the rain and linger in the puddles….

  3. Sam

    Totes offers lifetime warranties on all of their umbrellas – it’s totally worth it for a few extra bucks and their little mini umbrellas (actually called ‘brella) are totally purse friendly. I think they might be stronger because they’re under warranty, too, but I’m a conspiracy theorist.

    You’re right, hunters are the best ever!

    And finally – I’m a big fan of the public bus system and have been riding them since i was a wee tot. Kind of a must for getting across town if you ask me. I’ll make a convert of you yet!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Great to know about Totes! The problem is I always end up needing a replacement in a jam. I bet they have to ship them to ya? Also, they probably don’t reward my stupidity for leaving them places!

      I welcome any and all tips for the bus! xoxo!

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