Weekend Warrior

Friday night I headed to see the new blockbuster Red Riding Hood with Caron and her fiance. For some reason we didn’t get seats right away. Instead we chose to wait in the snack line for 20 minutes probably because I was getting a FREE SODA! I’m a Movie Watcher Rewards member with movietickets.com so Caron and I no longer pay the $1 fee to buy tickets online. Another benefit to this is that when you reach a certain number of movie tickets purchased you get free stuff. 20 movie tickets later, I got a free soda. Score! We got into the theater relatively late and had to sit in the second row. Oh well. It wasn’t sitting in the second row that bothered us, it was the fact that there was a rude, obnoxious drunk dude sitting right in front of us. He kept a ridiculously loud stream of banter going throughout the movie. I’m not a publicly cruel person but towards the end of the flick I was getting really fed up and I had the following scenario playing through my head:

I yell extremely loudly, “Shut the *beep* up!” at this ridiculous man. He turns around, figures out who yelled at him and stands up looking angry. One of the chicks sitting next to me (who thinks this guy is funny) punches me in the face. Then Caron’s FI punches the dude in the face and a brawl continues until all of us are escorted out of the theater. The scenario then leads to me covering my black eye up with makeup on Monday morning and explaining to everyone at work that I’m not regularly beaten. Oh, and we also miss the end of the movie and get banned from the theater

Due to my detailed imagination, I did not yell at this man. I really really wanted to though. Note: DO NOT BE OBNOXIOUS IN MOVIE THEATERS. No one gives a crap what you think about the movie DURING the movie.

Quick movie review: it was good – just as I suspected: “Twilight focused on werewolves.” 

Saturday I headed off to class, then took my weekly Physique57. Physique was more awesome than usually because before we started a newbie goes to the instructor (Sarah M.), “Aren’t you in the DVDs?” And Sarah M. is in the DVDs, so I felt like I was being taught by a celebrity. Also, I didn’t have to stop as much as usual during the thigh work which was exciting. I’m taking an Intermediate level class next week, so I hope I can keep up!

Saturday night Leo and I planned to cook dinner and then attend two birthday parties for our respective friends together.  I picked up some chicken, salad and frozen fries at Whole Foods (which is SO busy at 5pm on a Saturday, remind me never to go back at that time).

The fries were ok, but sort of lacked flavor. The best part about dinner (and all of our Whole Foods dinners) was the salad. I think it’s a Mediterranean salad but basically it has lettuce, craisins, goat cheese, walnuts and a delicious vinaigrette dressing. I should have taken a picture! Just go check out the pre-made salads section and buy it – YUM. Leo and I just refer to it as The Salad, as if there is only one salad you can buy at WF.

As we enjoyed our healthy dinner, we watched Freakonomics (on live Netflix). Leo had read the book and we both wanted to see the movie. They did a study in the book about how your name (and its popularity in different social classes) can predict what kind of success you’ll have in life. Leo’s real name is in the list of “low income household” names and I frequently joke with him about the irony of this. Also, there is a study in the book (and movie) that shows how legalizing abortion caused crime rates to decline beginning in the 1980s. Basically because the number of unwanted births declined, a lower number of babies grew up in troubled family situations and therefore a lower number of babies grew up to be criminals. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to be political here, but the trends are hard to ignore.

We didn’t end up going to either party Saturday night but it wasn’t just because we were being lazy. We actually got into a heated debate about today’s public school system and the focus on going to college. He argued (from a Bloomberg article) that an electrician (non-college educated) will make more money over a lifetime than a teacher (college educated) and therefore, we should not force kids to go to college if they could be more successful doing something other than going to college. Leo was arguing that we push too hard for kids to graduate high school and go to college when maybe we should be focusing on preparing high school students for the real world in case they don’t go to college, since he argues not all people are meant to attend college. I was arguing that you can’t separate out the kids who will go to college from the ones who just might not cut it – that you have to believe everyone can work hard enough to go if they want to, that everyone is teachable and should be given the same opportunity. His electrician/teacher scenario might be true, but I don’t think the goal of attending college is always about future earnings. I also know that there are higher paying careers for college graduates than teaching. That lead us to another debate in which teachers should get paid more than they currently do (we agreed on that point).

We ended up agreeing to disagree. There were holes in both of are arguments but I think we were able to get through the debate without offending each others opinions. By the time we came to this conclusion it was pretty late and we were both tired and decided to stay in. We tend to get into these heated debates on subjects in which neither of us are experts. Therefore we never have a ton of evidence to support ourselves but we continue to debate the topics and nobody “wins.” Not sure why we do this, but we do.

After a delicious Sunday brunch at Felix we walked around Soho for a bit then came home and watched Varsity Blues. Yay James Van Der Beek! Then he went to hit balls at Chelsea Piers and I elected to stay and take a 2-hour nap because for some reason I was super tired and cranky. Daylight savings much? I want my hour back please!

When I woke up he was back from golfing with gluten-free pizza crusts in hand. His roommate made us pizza dinner and we all watched Slap Shot on Netflix. It’s a hilarious movie circa 1977 about a dysfunctional ice hockey team. Please watch it. And finally, despite lying around most of the day, I was able to pass out the minute my head hit the pillow at 10pm.

Do you ever get into heated debates about subjects you aren’t super familiar with?



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2 responses to “Weekend Warrior

  1. I love Slapshot – Paul Newman is hilarious in it (and one of my all-time faves)!

    I’m always ending up debating issues I have no business representing. I guess I’m just wired that way. 😉

    In regard to your debate, I’d have to say that future (now current, I guess) earnings did not impact my choice in major. But I went to a private, liberal arts university – the focus wasn’t on vocational training. I think we should be educating kids not “to do” but instead “to reason/think.” Electricians are allowed to be intellectually curious, no? My husband has a bachelor’s degree and is a fire fighter. He could have skipped college but it enriched him (though it can be argued not monetarily) in many ways.

    • I totally agree! Education should be about teaching kids how to “reason/think” and I think the more education people can get the better. Whether or not it helps with a more “lucrative” career… that’s almost besides the point. I learned a lot more in college than simply how to make a living. College isn’t for everyone, but I think we should continue to promote higher education in schools because of the many doors it opens!

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