Bring Lunch to Work Challenge Review

For anyone who read yesterday’s post – I had a dilemma about enjoying a free lunch at work today vs. packing my own lunch for Day 5. I picked the easy way out. Are you surprised?? But really, who would turn down a free lunch that looks like this:

Ok, in full disclosure: it doesn’t look all that appetizing. But the grilled chicken and rice is healthy and the pizza with the cheese already half-way off the bread…I just wanted it (plus caesar dressing for dippin’!)

For those of you who are just joining me in this lunch challenge conversation, you can read about the details in previous posts on the links to upper left:


1. The cost of buying the groceries ($40.50) is relatively close the actual amount I would spend on 5 days worth of lunchs ($50 or $60) if I ate out. The catch here is that I actually ate some of these lunch groceries for dinner. Granted, I was only home for dinner on Night 2 (I made a Grilled Cheese and Pesto Deli Flat-wich. Yums!) since I had a board meeting on Night 1 and I had dinner at work on Night 3 and Night4. Yay 14 hour work days… However, if I had been home for dinner I most likely could have made lunch groceries also work for the majority of my dinners.

2. A cheaper way to buy lunch for a week is to buy supplies for the same lunch everyday. I could have just bought the Deli Flats (8 pack) without buying the wraps and croutons for a salad. I never ended up making a salad anyway. But having the same thing for lunch everyday could get boring.

3. Bringing these home-made lunches cost me 5-15 minutes max of my getting “ready time” in the morning. So worth it.

4. All the lunches I packed were much healthier than what I usually eat for lunch at a take-away place around work.

5. The first day I was left feeling hungry after the lunch I packed, so I packed slightly heftier lunches for the last few days. I think my body also needed to adjust from eating an unknown amount of calories to 300-400.


1. Bringing lunch to work saves overall amount of money spent on food (dinner and lunch) during the week.

2. Packing my own lunch means eating relatively healthier.

3. Packing lunch in the morning does not waste a significant amount of time.

4. I am a fan.

Weekend Plans in case you need some fun ideas: It has been busy as all heck this week at work so I am looking forward to two days off! Tonight going to see The Roomate with C and L (yay for evil Blair Waldorf!). Saturday is class and Physique. Saturday night I’m heading to a meeting and catching up with a great friend who saved my life while I was in recovery in London three years ago! He helped me celebrate my first year and I am forever grateful! Sunday is Brunch with Leo and a hopefully a trip to the PB&J exhibit!

Also – if you want something awesome to read after being disatisfied with my subpar post today (it hasn’t been the greatest of days emotionally for me so far), check out Tracey’s Thursday post. Hands down the best blog post I’ve read!

Did you learn anything new this week?



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7 responses to “Bring Lunch to Work Challenge Review

  1. you’ve inspired me to write a newsletter on your lunch challenge.
    I am curious to know how much money you think you saved so far? Are you going to buy something fun with it??
    I want a chanel bag….that is my next big purchase….shhh don’t tell my husband.

    • Yay! Well I spent $40.50 on lunch stuff and spent $20 out to dinner Day 1. I didn’t buy dinner for the rest of the week (day 3 and 4 work paid for it). Two weeks ago I spent $60.37 on lunch for 4 days and groceries for dinner but didn’t dine out and didn’t have left over groceries. So all in I didn’t save much but got more for my money!

  2. Definitely a thumbs down to the same lunch every day. Good call on that one. Do you enjoy any of the food prep part?

  3. You are seriously too nice. Thank you!

    I’m generally OK with eating the same lunch every day, but I can tired of it in an instant. I’ll eat the same sandwich for 10 days and on day 11 I want to vomit just looking at it. I used to make PB&J to save a ton of money but I got so sick of that.

    It helps to buy ingredients that can be used in a variety of things. Like, chicken for dinner, leftover chicken on a sandwich with veggies, veggies in a salad.

    I have to say, though, I would DEFINITELY have chosen the pizza. I mean, you’re in NYC…it’s practically a crime not to.

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