Lunch, Day 4

Lunch, Day 3 Recap: The hummus, cheese and celery wrap was a complete success. It was filling and I loved the fresh crunch of the celery!

Today – Day 4! I’m so proud of myself for getting this far and without stress in the mornings. Today I went with the turkey, pesto and deli flat sandwich with one new addition: cheese. I decided it would be delicious to add cheese and pop this baby in the microwave for 30 seconds right before lunctime to make a turkey pesto melt!

The other option for today’s lunch was going to be leftovers (thanks Theresa for the suggestion!). I was at work until 9pm last night (boo) for the second night in a row and I decided I would have my company buy me dinner. What did I choose? Shredded Chicken with Garlic Sauce! My firm had this place cater our Friday lunch a few weeks ago and it was delicious! Droid pic from last night:

Yummy! And yay, for figuring out how to put a full-size picture on my blog – sorry guys…I’m still new at this thing.

I decided against eating leftovers of this meal for lunch today in case I’m here for dinner again.

Ok, so my Bring My Lunch to Work Challenge is going to come up against a loophole for tomorrow and I would like to get your thoughts. Every Friday my firm has lunch catered for the whole office. It’s usually something good with pizza always as a second option. So the question is – do I bring my lunch tomorrow as I have been doing all week OR do I enjoy the lunch paid for by the firm?”

Weekend side-note: I discovered that there is going to be a PB&J exhibit this weekend as it is National Peanut Month. So in honor of PBFingers I think Leo and I will be in attendance on Sunday!

What should I do for Friday Lunch?


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