Free NYC Movie Giveaway!

Hey all! I go to so many movies that MovieTickets always seems to send me free passes to movies. However, they seem to be at inconvient times for me. Anyhoo – the first person who comments about this wins the 2 free passes to:

That’s right: Bridesmaids!

It’s showing at 1pm (arrive at 12pm) tomorrow – March 4, 2011 at AMC Empire 25 on 42nd street. I really wish I could go since I’ll be a bridesmaid twice in 2011. Look for future posts on the subject!

I will forward you the pass via email as soon as you comment noting you want the tickets (2)!

Note: Must be in NYC to take advantage of this offer!



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2 responses to “Free NYC Movie Giveaway!

  1. Rachel

    Hey! Are these still available? I was actually a bridesmaid last week : )

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