Lunch, Day 3

Lunch, Day 2 Recap: The Chicken ‘n Jack ‘dilla was delicious and the peppers in the jack cheese was a great substitute for salsa – no sauce needed! My tummy was definitely much fuller after this baby than after the turkey sandwich from Day 1.

Sorry for the lack of pictures yesterday – my blog almost had a meltdown (get it, get it, melty ‘dilla) but it turns out to have just been a false alarm 🙂

Onto Lunch, Day 3:

I basically bought enough groceries for 3-4 varieties of mains on Sunday night. I am putting off making the salad (which will most likely come Thursday or Friday) because I couldn’t find Ken’s Lite Caesar Dressing which really completes the dish. So today I decided to incorporate the hummus!

Ingredients: Wrap, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Celery (chopped), Jack Cheese (sliced), Lettuce (ripped).

Prep Time: 7 minutes. (Needed to get organized and of course chop the celery)

Also – the usual Reese’s and Fruit Roll-up! There is not a whole lot of substance to this wrap, but I felt conflicted about combining hummus with chicken or hummus with turkey. I’m just not sure how the vegetarian hummus would feel about being mixed with meat. Thoughts?

 What do you mix with hummus??



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2 responses to “Lunch, Day 3

  1. I love dipping things in hummus like raw veggies and crackers. Yum-o!

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