Lunch, Day 1

Just a quick post about Day 1 of the Challenge. The lunch-making process pictures aren’t great so I’ll just describe what I made for lunch today! First up was the main course…sandwich, wrap, salad? Since I’ve been craving the pesto sandwich I made turkey, pesto and lettuce on a Deli Flat. Steps are easy:

1. Take out a deli flat.

2. Spread Pesto on both sides.

3. Put turkey on bottom half.

4. Put lettuce on top of turkey.

5. Take top of deli flat and place it on top of lettuce.

I put sandwich in a plastic sandwich baggie and set it aside.Then for dessert I took out 1 fruit roll-up and dropped it into the lunch-bag, poured about a cup of the Reese’s cereal into a sandwich baggie and dropped that in. I included both dessert choices in case I wanted a snack in the mid afternoon. I’ll also through in a banana from the kitchen and maybe some Wheat Thins when I get to work.

Total time in preparing this lunch: Approximately 5 minutes. SO EASY!

This lunch includes: protein, greens, carbs, sugar and a little bit of fat.

Quick snapshots of lunch at my desk with my camera phone:

The sandwich was yummy! Since the sandwich alone probably isn’t more than 180-200 calories, the question is…will it be enough to last me until dinner along with the banana and dessert? I’ll have to report back!

What are you having for lunch today?



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2 responses to “Lunch, Day 1

  1. I love the sandwich thins! They’re awesome. Keep your eye out for the bagel thins. The Everything flavor is amazing for sandwiches.

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