President’s Day Weekend Part II

On Sunday afternoon we headed to The Running Company at the Time Warner Center to get Leo some new running shoes. He finally admitted running in soccer shoes is really not the way to go. Yay, I was right!! They have a great shoe-fitting process where you can watch yourself on video running on a treadmill. He found the perfect kicks and after purchasing them we headed up to Pure Yoga West to meet up with Caron and her soon-to-be-husband for a double date night. She found an online ad for a free class so we all took advantage of it!

We got a tour of the beautiful yoga facilities (truly immaculate and the bamboo floors were gorgeous). The class we took was Relaxation yoga. It was packed, but we got four prime spots and started to relax. I’ve only done yoga a handful of times because it is incredibly difficult for me to quiet my mind when I’m remaining still. I’m also not flexible.

The one-hour relaxation yoga basically included 6-7 different poses held for 8-10 minutes each. The lights in the room were dim. We used props such as support blocks, blankets and bolsters. During each pose I came close to falling asleep but my mind was still wandering off to a million places. I didn’t sweat. I didn’t feel any pain. It was nice. Even the boys enjoyed themselves! I liked it but I’ll stick with free yoga classes as they pop up until I get really into it.


After the class we rushed over to the Lincoln Center movie theater to see Just Go with It. The new Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston movie! We arrived mid-previews so we had to sit in the second row. We were starving so we loaded up on unhealthy snacks and settled in to enjoy the flick. Let me tell you, I was skeptical about the movie when we bought the tickets earlier in the week, but it was HILARIOUS!

I won’t give away any details about the movie, but Just Trust Me – it was good. I was laughing out loud for the majority of the movie and so was Leo (who is usually harder to please in terms of rom-coms). All four of us had a great time at Pure Yoga and were extremely pleased with how good the movie was. And then we enjoyed a leisurely walk back to our neighborhood. It was a great Double Date night! [Trying new things and laughing a lot – it’s just good for the soul]

NO WORK ON MONDAY!! (Thanks GW for being born and all) Leo and I got up early, had some pancakes from Route 66 and headed to the 11:10am showing of Sanctum! Apparently if you see a movie in NYC before 12pm it’s $6-7 off the normal price! That is a steal, ladies and gentlemen. The movie was in the IMAX 3-D theater down at the 42nd street AMC. It was terrifying and amazing all at the same time. I highly recommend it! Although… 99.9% of the movie is filmed under the earth’s surface and when we took the subway uptown to Whole Foods afterwards…I was terrified less than pleased about being underground.

To finish off the day we cooked a delicious, yet spicy gluten-free stirfry dinner and then I headed off to Physique57. PHEW! Sorry about the long and busy post…I promise to try and stick to one topic at a time from now on (I’m still figuring out blog etiquette – tips are welcome!!)

What do you do on double dates or group nights with friends? What movies have you seen lately?


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