President’s Day Weekend Part I

Wow this weekend was so full of activities I’m not sure where to start. I’ll have to segment into multiple posts since this week is going to be busy with actual work at work!

FridaySushi. Friday night’s belated Valentine’s Day dinner was delicious but a little bit too portion-controlled if you ask me. After dinner we watched The Karate Kid (new version with Will Smith’s kid). It was very very good and although L fell asleep 30 minutes into it – I stayed up until the bitter end. I give it two thumbs up! [I love belated holidays]

Saturday: Skeet Shooting. It was so unbelievably freezing that I think I may have mentally blocked out the majority of the activity, so I’ll just give a short summary. Leo and I headed out to NJ in a zipcar with a few of his friends and an hour later we arrived. The boys shot 12-gauges and I shot a smaller shotgun because the ball-busting old lady behind the counter wouldn’t let me shoot the big-boy gun. It’s ok though, apparently I am terrible at shooting moving targets. I only got 6 of the 20 clay pigeons I attempted. Watching the orange clay pigeons explode in the air when I did hit them was extremely satisfying. Since it was freezing outside, I sat the second round out and had some hot cocoa in the lodge while the boys shot trap (more difficult skeet). Probably the most random thing I’ve done in a while but it was certainly entertaining! [guns and substances don’t mix!]

Sunday Morning: La Isla. Leo was raving about an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay recently about Stuffed French Toast. So naturally, he developed a craving. Luckily the restaurant featured on the show was La Isla which is just a short PATH ride away in Hoboken, NJ. We arrived at a small hole-in-the-wall Cuban restaurant with only a 15 minute wait. We sat at the breakfast bar and enjoyed Exhibit A:

YUMMY!! Ingredients: Two slices thick egg bread filled with strawberry/guava cream cheese, dipped in cinnamon batted and coated with cornflakes and almonds. Delicious! Afterwards, we played around at the big CVS nearby. We discovered NJ is much cheaper than NYC…love it. Leo wanted to take the ferry home, but it didn’t seem to be running, so we settled for the PATH again. [delicious food and traveling to new places!]

Sunday Afternoon: Petco. Some of you know I have two little ones at home. They get pseudonyms too: Crazy and The Dark One since they will most likely appear in future posts. In September of 2007, I adopted these two pretty girls from the SPCA when they were 6 weeks old (the usual age is 8-9 weeks but they were desperate for someone to take them). It turns out Crazy and The Dark One were born on August 18, 2007 which is just a few weeks after my sobriety date. Therefore, they are my Recovery Kitties. Lately, The Dark One has been sitting on the floor near the heating unit in my apartment – she likes warm places. Leo hates the thought of her sitting on the hard floor all the time, so on our way home from Hoboken, we took a trip to the Union Square store to get her a bed. We didn’t get one for Crazy since she rarely chooses to sleep on the floor and she’s a pain a lot of the time (although she’s adorable). Hours after we put the new red throne down in The Dark One‘s spot – this happened:

Yep – The Dark One still sits on the floor! I felt bad about not getting two, since they will never share it – oh well. [I love my recovery pets!]

First half of the weekend was really fun – second half includes two movies, a yoga double date, stirfry and physique57. Stay tuned!

How was the first half of your weekend?


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