A lovely lady from MV emailed me about this article she read in the NY Times about Nonalcoholic Cocktails from CRAFT. It is certainly worth reading!

Although I tend not to drink anything that might even resemble alcohol since it could be bordering on “alcoholic behavior,” I definitely feel odd ordering diet coke every time I’m at a fancy restaurant. Usually my go-to line is “Cranberry with Lime, please.” And if I ever see a wine list I just casually give it back with the menus. Read: Take that ISH way from me thank you very much!

For anyone out there who doesn’t know, “non-alcoholic beer” has alcohol in it. Period. Plus, why drink something that tastes like beer (gross) if you aren’t even going to get a buzz? Not. Worth. It. Just my opinion. I will admit that it’s hard to go out for drinks with colleagues and not have a drink in your hand. It usually goes something like this:

Why aren’t you drinking? You don’t drink at all? Seriously? Why? Have you ever? What do you do for fun?

I always find some clever way to get out of the line of questioning without giving away the truth. Anonymity is anonymity. I usually just order cranberry or a soda and be self-confident about it. It’s gotten much easier over the years. I used to freak out about what people would think of me, but the truth is: no one cares what I may or may not be drinking. Same goes for you guys!

Back to the point: If you are a non-drinker (like me, religious, medically incapable, or preggers) you have limited restaurant beverage options: soda, water, juice (with or without some sort of citrus twist). Although coffee is more appropriate to drink with dessert, sometimes I will ask for it right when we sit down because:

A. sometimes its FREEZING in restaurants.

B. I want to. so there.

Now it seems – some restaurants, like Craft, have upgraded their drink menus to include non-alcoholic treats! This isn’t anything new. Shirley Temples are delicious (although I know I’m not 12) and you can get a lot of things “virgin.” So they must just be putting the non-alcoholic drink listings in writing. Nothing to cough at though, I am excited we are being thought of in the big leagues! Although, I have yet to see a non-alcoholic martini – how would that even work?

I’m sure they will be just as $$ as regular drinks – EEK – but maybe I could try just one and then report back.

Have you ever had a mocktail??


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