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First and foremost: Thanks to two of my favorite bloggers, Tracey and Sabrina, for the warm welcomes into the blogging world!

On Wednesday’s post I told you that one of my favorite fun things to do in NYC is to go see movies, preferably the first weekend they come out (No I don’t mind the crowds. No I’m not crazy.) Movies are the one and only thing I will brave Times Square at night for.

My second favorite thing to do in this city is to go to concerts – mainly the small-mid size venues: Webster Hall, Bowery Ballroom, Terminal 5, Knitting Factory, Arlene’s Grocery, Music Hall of Williamsburg. And also the larger venues: Beacon Theatre and Radio City. I’ve even seen performances at the more intimate Pianos NYC in the Lower East Side or on Governors Island. Never been to Roseland Ballroom but I hear it’s amazing. Also – never been to a concert at Madison Square Garden…price point seems to be a bit too rich for my blood! 

Favorite venue? Probably Webster or Termy 5 (see pictures below). Last concert I saw was Dashboard Confessional at Webster Hall in December. Leo was in love with the whole concert and we stayed for every single song – even the 3 encores, despite the fact that it was way past his bedtime (which is 9:30pm). He knows every word to every song they have ever written. I wanted to bottle up how happy he was and put it in a jar. I’ve never seen him that delighted before.

You must be thinking…how is going to a concert a sober activity? I was pretty uncertain about this myself years ago. My first sober concert (Wilco) was in my college town in 2007 and I could smell the wafts of all things green and saw people spilling their beers everywhere. To be honest I did not enjoy myself at all. I also had not hit the first year mark yet.

I love music though and I needed to find a way to enjoy it live. That’s why I like the smaller venues in  NYC – they tend to start concerts at a reasonable hour and the bars inside are really too small for people to be served more than once or twice. I also recommend standing somewhere on the outskirts of the room or in the back (unless you just love to crowd-surf). You can still hear the music really well, but you don’t have to be in the middle of the chaos if that’s what it turns into. Plus you have an easy escape route if you need it. The smaller venue ticket prices range from $10-$30 which is relatively reasonable for the amount of talent you get to see.

I don’t go to concerts super often since I’m picky about the bands and I try to keep my entertainment budget under control. But it is a great way to enjoy music, and if you bring a sober buddy with you – you’ll definitely be safe!

Bands I’ve seen in NYC: Death Cab for Cutie, Owl City, Travis, Cary Brothers, Lights, Panic! At the Disco, The Cab, Dashboard Confessional, Nada Surf, Atmosphere, Stars of Track and Field (I even met the lead singer!), Keane, Passion Pit, Owen Pallett, Guster, Bare Naked Ladies, Sea Wolf, The All-American Rejects and probably a few others I am forgetting.

Why am I writing this today? I just got tix to Atmosphere’s April Concert at Terminal 5! I went to their last NYC show at Webster Hall with two of my bestfriends from high school and it was epic.

When Life Gives you Lemons…

What was the last concert you saw? What is your favorite concert of all time?


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