I Heart Planning

Part of my disease is being a control freak! So that means a fun (and sometimes necessary) thing for me to do during the week is to plan what I will do on the weekend. As much as I like spontaneous fun I also really enjoy planned fun. And the best part about this weekend is that it is THREE DAYS LONG! Yes, that’s right kids – corporate america is giving me President’s Day off. I hope you guys all get a three-day weekend too.

Usually I like to get out of the city on three-day weekends since the travel time is usually worth it (vs a two-day weekend). But since I just got back from vacation and need to save my pennies, I am sticking around in the city, yay! Let’s just hope there aren’t more tourists here than usual – wouldn’t people want to go to DC for President’s Day or something? I wish.

So because I love to plan and because it gives you kids some ideas for how to enjoy your weekend too, here goes:

On Friday night Leo and I are finally getting to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a restaurant downtown together – sushi!  [definitely sober fun for me!] He might have some wine or whiskey with dinner which doesn’t bother me too much. Dating a non-alcoholic drinker does have its challenges but as long as he isn’t drunk or too buzzed I’m usually OK with it.

Rest of weekend:

Exercise: Physique , Free Yoga Class [both sober activities!]

MoviesSanctum – the new underwater cave movie (It’s in 3D IMAX and I can’t wait!). Also, the new Jennifer Aniston Movie. It will probably be super cheesy, but ya know, it’ll be fun I think. [of course sober – no beer at the movie theater!] Sidenote: I see at least one movie a week since it’s my favorite sober group activity – so expect to read about them!

Also – just learned that I’m going skeet shooting with Leo and friends on Saturday. [um…no drinking & shooting is an obvious one] This should be interesting and will definitely warrant a story!

What are you up to this weekend?


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