Free Stuff Rocks!

Happy Wednesday! Gotta love it since it’s closer to Friday than Monday…ok, maybe I just tell myself that.

Well, Tuesday night’s free gym trial was a success. My bff Caron (almost 5 years sober!) and I showed up around 8pm and the manager got our info, showed us around and then we toured the locker room before getting changed for a workout. The manager even let us borrow her locker lock, since we didn’t bring our own (who knew?).

After jamming all of our bags into one locker, Caron and I investigated the floor, saw a pretty cool looking kickboxing class going on, tons of cardio machines and weights. We decided to hop on neighboring treadmills for 45 minutes and watch Biggest Loser on the big screens up above. (Yes, we actually moved treadmills to get a good view of the TV with NBC on it!!) It was a good workout – I speedwalked uphill and Caron did intervals. I was so proud of myself for staying on for 45 minutes! Watching TV seriously helps. Then we stretched and did a bit of free weights: 5 lbs for me, 7 lbs for her since there was only one set of 5ers.

As we headed into the locker room we spotted a curiously odd machine:Yes. A Power Plate (??). A trainer was showing some woman how to use it so we stood there and awkwardly gawked for a bit. When they left, we decided to try it since we still couldn’t figure out what it does. I knelt down on it and when Caron pressed start it just started vibrating!! Sooooo weird! We both had a good laugh, decided we’d google it later, and then Caron was off to the long-awaited sauna. I’m 99% sure she’s going to join the gym just because they have a sauna!

I decided not to join since I have a relatively free hotel gym across the street from my apartment that I belong to and have yet to step foot in to exercise. But I am glad we tried out this gym for free together and I think I may just be slightly more motivated to start going to my gym regularly, or at all. Maybe I’ll go tonight…

So why, you might ask, is going to a gym on a Tuesday night “sober fun in NYC” ?? Let’s be honest, trying out things for free in NYC is always fun, since nothing is free in this city! Plus I got to spend a few hours with a fellow AA and my mood was boosted with a good healthy workout! Also, watching Biggest Loser reminded me that the disease of addiction can manifest itself in many different ways: alcohol, drugs, food, etc. For many people in America today, food addiction is a serious issue. I am incredibly grateful that I have a solution for my disease today.

What did you do/say/hear that was fun yesterday?


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