Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! So I know people usually either HATE this day or absolutely LOVE it. But I’m one of those people who loves it single or taken. My favorite holiday growing up was Valentine’s Day because in school you got cards from everyone in your class and you got to make these decorative boxes for your desk! Plus, who doesn’t like candy?

As I got older I continued to love Valentine’s Day. For a while I maintained that flowers were a dumb gift because they are nice for a day or two and then they die. But in college when I was long distance with Leo – flowers would always brighten my day! Today I have work, then a three-hour class, then I’m chairing a 10:30 AA meeting tonight so no romantic Valentine’s Day celebration.

EXCEPT… we got these at work for breakfast this morning!!

These pancakes weren’t as tasty as they look, but hey – I appreciate the thought. So thanks, corporate America, for helping me enjoy this made-up holiday. Since today is super busy for me – Leo and I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day this coming weekend (after much debate because he thinks the holiday is dumb). Luckily, he loves to go to nice restaurants and hopefully there will be some flowers and candy involved…OR ELSE!

The good thing about Valentine’s Day and being sober is… single or taken, you always have SOMETHING to do on V-Day in NYC: Get your butt to a meeting, of course! And I’m sure someone in that meeting would love to join you for coffee and some french fries at the local diner. BUT, remember kids: in your first year, keep it platonic. It saves both you and that lovable disaster you’ve been eyeing across the room from experiencing some significant heartache. And if you do have a date, enjoy it WITHOUT the champagne 🙂

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day??



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2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Nina Cochrane

    Love you.
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Clarissa!!!


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