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Lunch, Day 1

Just a quick post about Day 1 of the Challenge. The lunch-making process pictures aren’t great so I’ll just describe what I made for lunch today! First up was the main course…sandwich, wrap, salad? Since I’ve been craving the pesto sandwich I made turkey, pesto and lettuce on a Deli Flat. Steps are easy:

1. Take out a deli flat.

2. Spread Pesto on both sides.

3. Put turkey on bottom half.

4. Put lettuce on top of turkey.

5. Take top of deli flat and place it on top of lettuce.

I put sandwich in a plastic sandwich baggie and set it aside.Then for dessert I took out 1 fruit roll-up and dropped it into the lunch-bag, poured about a cup of the Reese’s cereal into a sandwich baggie and dropped that in. I included both dessert choices in case I wanted a snack in the mid afternoon. I’ll also through in a banana from the kitchen and maybe some Wheat Thins when I get to work.

Total time in preparing this lunch: Approximately 5 minutes. SO EASY!

This lunch includes: protein, greens, carbs, sugar and a little bit of fat.

Quick snapshots of lunch at my desk with my camera phone:

The sandwich was yummy! Since the sandwich alone probably isn’t more than 180-200 calories, the question is…will it be enough to last me until dinner along with the banana and dessert? I’ll have to report back!

What are you having for lunch today?


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Weekend Wrap / Lunch Challenge Prep

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was great! Friday night Caron and I saw Hall Pass – without the significants of course, don’t want to give them any funny ideas…. the movie was funny, but I wouldn’t give it two thumbs up. Owen Wilson’s character was lacking something. There were definitely some scenes that I couldn’t BELIEVE were actually happening…if you see it, watch for the whirlpool scene, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Saturday morning was an early one with an 8am Physique class. Then I had my three-hour getting smarter class, my final therapy sesh and then I got my hair done which was long overdue. Look Ma, no roots! You know it’s time to go to the salon when your significant asks you, “Hey, why is your hair two different colors?” Thanks hun…

Date night with L on Saturday did not go exactly as planned but we ended up ordering chinese food and watching Due Date on Demand. We’ve both seen it but it’s so funny we wanted to watch it again! Two thumbs up for sure, so SEE IT. Sunday morning we got up early and decided to go get some more stuffed french toast! This time – we took the advice of some friends and tried Eatery’s version instead of traveling all the way to Hoboken. It was equally delicious and so much closer to home! On honor of the Oscars, we took advantage of the pre-12pm $6 movie ticket price and went to see The Fighter after breakfast. It was pretty good, I love Marky Mark and all, but I have to say it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. (yay, Christian Bale won an Oscar! Wait…he’s not American? What is with the accent?)

Also, did I mention that it was GORGEOUS weather outside? After the movie we walked around Central Park for a while and enjoyed the sunshine. The ponds are still quite frozen. Here’s a picture of The Boathouse:

I can’t wait for the weather to get much prettier!! When we left the park we ended up on W81st Street and decided to make a trip to the Natural History Museum which was just a few blocks away. I’d never been there before, so I was excited. The tickets were a whopping $16 each, which sucked. And to make it worse, we realized after purchasing them that no one was going to check our tickets! Ugh. Oh well, supporting a non-profit educational facility is a decent thing to do. We had a good time, but I was tired from so much walking. What is the best part of the museum in my opinion? The gift shop! We stopped in so I could get my nephews some presents – a dinosaur, stuffed penguin and penguin cup. One loves dinosaurs and the other one is a penguin fanatic. The dinosaur actually walks with the help of some battery power, cool! I can’t wait to ship them off this week! After the Museum, we got some tasty pizza at Patsy’s, stopped in at a few clothing stores and didn’t buy anything, and then had a lazy afternoon at home with the kitties. Got Pita Grill for dinner, yum!

And now for the real focus of this post:

Bring My Lunch to Work Weeklong Challenge preparation!!

Since I was busy doing other things this weekend I left the grocery shopping until Sunday night – go figure. I was too lazy to go all the way to Whole Foods so I settled for the normal grocery store two blocks from my apartment. I also didn’t make a list before I went, so forgive me if I didn’t take your suggestions from Friday! My goal was to try to stay under $50 and get enough food for five lunches. Let’s see how I did…


Turkey, Pre-cooked Chicken, Monterey Jack Cheese


Croutons, Deli Flats (for sandwiches), Wraps!


Romaine Lettuce and Carrots/Celery

Tasty Spreads:

Reduced Fat Pesto, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

And last but not least… DESSERT:

Reese’s Cereal and Strawberry Fruit Roll-ups!

Ok, so I realize I didn’t purchase the most creative ingredients. I have really been craving a Turkey, Bacon, and Pesto on Ciabatta. But my tiny grocery store didn’t have any inexpensive, easy-to-cook bacon so I decided to skip that part. Also – no Ciabatta to be found, so I went for the Deli Flats instead (only 100 calories, fun!). The veggie category is also lacking in substance but the produce wasn’t Whole Foods quality or reasonably priced. I was full from dinner when I went shopping, so it was hard to find anything all that appetizing in the moment. But looks like there will be a mix of wraps, sandwiches and perhaps a salad this week. I also decided against purchasing a salty side since I couldn’t find Cheddar Goldfish at the store and I remembered we have Wheat Thins at work! What did the total come to? $40.50. I’m under my budget but not by much. Hope I can make it work!

The biggest disappointment of the Challenge Prep is that I could not find a reuseable lunch bag! I went to CVS and Walgreens and couldn’t find anything but travel makeup bags…boo. It’s not exactly Back to School time, so it makes sense. I’ll have to use a grocery bag for tomorrow until I can find something fun to use for the rest of the week. That’s what I get for waiting until Sunday night to do my shopping!

To summarize, this weekend was filled with sober fun: Movies, Yummy NYC food, Walking in Central Park, Trip to a Museum, Exercise and Lunch Challenge Prep.

What can’t you leave the grocery store without?

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Bring My Lunch to Work Challenge

I’ve decided that next week I will be embarking on a “Bring My Lunch to Work” week-long challenge. I’ve never brought my lunch to work. Ever. It’s New York City – there are a million sandwich, soup, salad, sushi, pizza shops out there where I can grab something quick and return to my desk. Not to mention the endless places where you can get all of this stuff under one roof. It’s even possible to eat healthy while eating out for lunch in NYC – you just have to make good choices. Eating healthy, or just eating well usually runs my lunch bill up to around $10-$12 per day. That’s $50-$60 a week – just for lunch.

I don’t really mind the cost all that much since my breakfast (cereal) is free every day at work. (Yay!)

(I’ll have to do a separate post on cereal soon – it really is my favorite food.)

So even though I don’t pay for breakfast, I do tend to order take-out for dinner a lot on weeknights. I don’t usually cook during the week because it’s a hassle, I’m usually exhausted by 8pm and cooking fun recipes is only fun if I’m cooking for more than just myself. I don’t plan to decrease my take-out budget, so why not decrease the lunch spend instead? Sounds good to me!

Plus, some of my coworkers have been more rude than usual lately and I need a break from tagging along to get lunch with them every day. I’ve tried my best to “be a part of,” but I need a break. Not giving up…just letting go for a bit.

Grocery shopping was my favorite de-stressing activity in college. I literally would leave my dorm room, hop in my car and drive 10 miles to Whole Foods just to walk up and down the aisles. Sometimes I bought things, sometimes I didn’t. It was just a nice place to go…maybe because everything was so nicely arranged and organized on the shelves and my life felt completely the opposite.

NYC grocery stores tend to stress me out because they are cramped and crowded, but I think it will be fun to go in with a mission.

In addition to free cereal, my company has an endless supply of free apples, bananas, fresh berries, granola bars, yogurt and other assorted snacks in the kitchen. There is also a large supply of free soda, coffee, tea, water and juice that never seems to run out.

I drink about three of these bad boys:

And three of these bad boys:

per day. I alternate them to hydrate and caffinate! I’ve gotten so used to this system of alternating that it’s hard to sit at my computer at work without a can on the coaster next to my keyboard. Ok, maybe I have a problem…

To summarize: my beverage and fruit will be taken care of, so my mission will be to concoct a main dish (salad, sandwich, etc.), a salty side and a small dessert/treat. Does this mean I also get to purchase a new reusable lunch box??

FUN! I haven’t had one of these since…well, elementary school. I’ll try to pick something that looks more “grown-uppy”

Thanks to all the healthy blogs I read that are written by amazing young women (see side blogroll)! You have motivated me to go for my own eat-in/grocery store challenge thing.

What do you do for lunch at work?


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Don’t Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen

Yes, the Queen of your own Castle! (thanks Lady Gaga for inspiring me today)

As I pondered blog topics for today’s post I realized I had not done anything out of the ordinary yesterday. I got up, took a shower, went to work, sat there all day attempting to look productive, read a lot of healthy living blogs (my absolute favorite at-computer activity). I had a few options for post-work activities: gym (um, maybe tomorrow), homework for my class on saturday (I just, I just don’t want to), laundry (meh, ok I will).

So what did I do that was FUN last night? I hung out in my own apartment by myself! DVR, Thai Food and Laundry.


No, this isn’t the real Pad Thai I had, but it looks yummy, doesn’t it?! And my DVR fix for the night: Teen Mom 2!

Becoming the Queen of my own Castle was probably the biggest step for me in recovery and in adulthood. I was 14 when I first lived with a roommate at boarding school. I lived with 1-3 roommates each year for another 8 years until I decided it was time to move out on my own.

My first year in NYC I lived in midtown about two blocks from my office. Therefore, my whole world consisted of just a three-block radius during the week and it sucked. I was ready to move down to the East Village for something different and because there are a ton of great NA meetings down there. I found a shoebox second-floor walk-up in the Lower East Side – moved in, got some mini furniture and began the incredible adventure of living on my own. I discovered that I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I could leave dishes in the sink for a week, not share the remote, come and go as I pleased, play my music loud, sing in the shower (I don’t really do this, but I could if I wanted to), and decorate the apartment the way I wanted to! It was a tiny place that just wasn’t very nice in general, but it was the best decision I had made since moving to NYC. I found that living on my own also really motivated me to be social and put myself out there to make friends. As a recovering addict living alone you need to make a lot of effort not to isolate and that is just what I did.

I survived the shoebox for 11 months before deciding it was way too small and too far from work (30 minutes for a one-way commute in Manhattan to a job I work 80-100 hours a week at? No thanks.) I decided to move to back uptown since most of my close friends either live there or spend all their time there. And it would be a nice 12-15 minute walk to work – no subway necessary. I had major apartment envy (Ahem, Porscha) attending MV every week.

So I searched and searched and searched until I found my dream apartment in my price range. I had major apartment envy (Ahem, Porscha) attending MV every week. And I found it! A lovely alcove studio in an AA friend’s building. An amazing friend, K, helped me paint my new apartment “Lazy Sunday” blue and it really feels like home to me. I’ve lived in it for just under a year now. It took a while to fill it with furniture and decorate, but I love coming home at night. I’m pretty sure I’ll be staying here until somebody puts a ring on it.

Becoming the Queen of my Own Castle really helped me to gain a sense of healthy independence. I am also reminded on a daily basis that I have to make effort to have a life full of friends and fun things to do.

Are you the Queen (or King) of your own Castle today? Have you ever lived on your own? Did you like it?

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President’s Day Weekend Part II

On Sunday afternoon we headed to The Running Company at the Time Warner Center to get Leo some new running shoes. He finally admitted running in soccer shoes is really not the way to go. Yay, I was right!! They have a great shoe-fitting process where you can watch yourself on video running on a treadmill. He found the perfect kicks and after purchasing them we headed up to Pure Yoga West to meet up with Caron and her soon-to-be-husband for a double date night. She found an online ad for a free class so we all took advantage of it!

We got a tour of the beautiful yoga facilities (truly immaculate and the bamboo floors were gorgeous). The class we took was Relaxation yoga. It was packed, but we got four prime spots and started to relax. I’ve only done yoga a handful of times because it is incredibly difficult for me to quiet my mind when I’m remaining still. I’m also not flexible.

The one-hour relaxation yoga basically included 6-7 different poses held for 8-10 minutes each. The lights in the room were dim. We used props such as support blocks, blankets and bolsters. During each pose I came close to falling asleep but my mind was still wandering off to a million places. I didn’t sweat. I didn’t feel any pain. It was nice. Even the boys enjoyed themselves! I liked it but I’ll stick with free yoga classes as they pop up until I get really into it.


After the class we rushed over to the Lincoln Center movie theater to see Just Go with It. The new Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston movie! We arrived mid-previews so we had to sit in the second row. We were starving so we loaded up on unhealthy snacks and settled in to enjoy the flick. Let me tell you, I was skeptical about the movie when we bought the tickets earlier in the week, but it was HILARIOUS!

I won’t give away any details about the movie, but Just Trust Me – it was good. I was laughing out loud for the majority of the movie and so was Leo (who is usually harder to please in terms of rom-coms). All four of us had a great time at Pure Yoga and were extremely pleased with how good the movie was. And then we enjoyed a leisurely walk back to our neighborhood. It was a great Double Date night! [Trying new things and laughing a lot – it’s just good for the soul]

NO WORK ON MONDAY!! (Thanks GW for being born and all) Leo and I got up early, had some pancakes from Route 66 and headed to the 11:10am showing of Sanctum! Apparently if you see a movie in NYC before 12pm it’s $6-7 off the normal price! That is a steal, ladies and gentlemen. The movie was in the IMAX 3-D theater down at the 42nd street AMC. It was terrifying and amazing all at the same time. I highly recommend it! Although… 99.9% of the movie is filmed under the earth’s surface and when we took the subway uptown to Whole Foods afterwards…I was terrified less than pleased about being underground.

To finish off the day we cooked a delicious, yet spicy gluten-free stirfry dinner and then I headed off to Physique57. PHEW! Sorry about the long and busy post…I promise to try and stick to one topic at a time from now on (I’m still figuring out blog etiquette – tips are welcome!!)

What do you do on double dates or group nights with friends? What movies have you seen lately?

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President’s Day Weekend Part I

Wow this weekend was so full of activities I’m not sure where to start. I’ll have to segment into multiple posts since this week is going to be busy with actual work at work!

FridaySushi. Friday night’s belated Valentine’s Day dinner was delicious but a little bit too portion-controlled if you ask me. After dinner we watched The Karate Kid (new version with Will Smith’s kid). It was very very good and although L fell asleep 30 minutes into it – I stayed up until the bitter end. I give it two thumbs up! [I love belated holidays]

Saturday: Skeet Shooting. It was so unbelievably freezing that I think I may have mentally blocked out the majority of the activity, so I’ll just give a short summary. Leo and I headed out to NJ in a zipcar with a few of his friends and an hour later we arrived. The boys shot 12-gauges and I shot a smaller shotgun because the ball-busting old lady behind the counter wouldn’t let me shoot the big-boy gun. It’s ok though, apparently I am terrible at shooting moving targets. I only got 6 of the 20 clay pigeons I attempted. Watching the orange clay pigeons explode in the air when I did hit them was extremely satisfying. Since it was freezing outside, I sat the second round out and had some hot cocoa in the lodge while the boys shot trap (more difficult skeet). Probably the most random thing I’ve done in a while but it was certainly entertaining! [guns and substances don’t mix!]

Sunday Morning: La Isla. Leo was raving about an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay recently about Stuffed French Toast. So naturally, he developed a craving. Luckily the restaurant featured on the show was La Isla which is just a short PATH ride away in Hoboken, NJ. We arrived at a small hole-in-the-wall Cuban restaurant with only a 15 minute wait. We sat at the breakfast bar and enjoyed Exhibit A:

YUMMY!! Ingredients: Two slices thick egg bread filled with strawberry/guava cream cheese, dipped in cinnamon batted and coated with cornflakes and almonds. Delicious! Afterwards, we played around at the big CVS nearby. We discovered NJ is much cheaper than NYC…love it. Leo wanted to take the ferry home, but it didn’t seem to be running, so we settled for the PATH again. [delicious food and traveling to new places!]

Sunday Afternoon: Petco. Some of you know I have two little ones at home. They get pseudonyms too: Crazy and The Dark One since they will most likely appear in future posts. In September of 2007, I adopted these two pretty girls from the SPCA when they were 6 weeks old (the usual age is 8-9 weeks but they were desperate for someone to take them). It turns out Crazy and The Dark One were born on August 18, 2007 which is just a few weeks after my sobriety date. Therefore, they are my Recovery Kitties. Lately, The Dark One has been sitting on the floor near the heating unit in my apartment – she likes warm places. Leo hates the thought of her sitting on the hard floor all the time, so on our way home from Hoboken, we took a trip to the Union Square store to get her a bed. We didn’t get one for Crazy since she rarely chooses to sleep on the floor and she’s a pain a lot of the time (although she’s adorable). Hours after we put the new red throne down in The Dark One‘s spot – this happened:

Yep – The Dark One still sits on the floor! I felt bad about not getting two, since they will never share it – oh well. [I love my recovery pets!]

First half of the weekend was really fun – second half includes two movies, a yoga double date, stirfry and physique57. Stay tuned!

How was the first half of your weekend?

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A lovely lady from MV emailed me about this article she read in the NY Times about Nonalcoholic Cocktails from CRAFT. It is certainly worth reading!

Although I tend not to drink anything that might even resemble alcohol since it could be bordering on “alcoholic behavior,” I definitely feel odd ordering diet coke every time I’m at a fancy restaurant. Usually my go-to line is “Cranberry with Lime, please.” And if I ever see a wine list I just casually give it back with the menus. Read: Take that ISH way from me thank you very much!

For anyone out there who doesn’t know, “non-alcoholic beer” has alcohol in it. Period. Plus, why drink something that tastes like beer (gross) if you aren’t even going to get a buzz? Not. Worth. It. Just my opinion. I will admit that it’s hard to go out for drinks with colleagues and not have a drink in your hand. It usually goes something like this:

Why aren’t you drinking? You don’t drink at all? Seriously? Why? Have you ever? What do you do for fun?

I always find some clever way to get out of the line of questioning without giving away the truth. Anonymity is anonymity. I usually just order cranberry or a soda and be self-confident about it. It’s gotten much easier over the years. I used to freak out about what people would think of me, but the truth is: no one cares what I may or may not be drinking. Same goes for you guys!

Back to the point: If you are a non-drinker (like me, religious, medically incapable, or preggers) you have limited restaurant beverage options: soda, water, juice (with or without some sort of citrus twist). Although coffee is more appropriate to drink with dessert, sometimes I will ask for it right when we sit down because:

A. sometimes its FREEZING in restaurants.

B. I want to. so there.

Now it seems – some restaurants, like Craft, have upgraded their drink menus to include non-alcoholic treats! This isn’t anything new. Shirley Temples are delicious (although I know I’m not 12) and you can get a lot of things “virgin.” So they must just be putting the non-alcoholic drink listings in writing. Nothing to cough at though, I am excited we are being thought of in the big leagues! Although, I have yet to see a non-alcoholic martini – how would that even work?

I’m sure they will be just as $$ as regular drinks – EEK – but maybe I could try just one and then report back.

Have you ever had a mocktail??

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Live Music

First and foremost: Thanks to two of my favorite bloggers, Tracey and Sabrina, for the warm welcomes into the blogging world!

On Wednesday’s post I told you that one of my favorite fun things to do in NYC is to go see movies, preferably the first weekend they come out (No I don’t mind the crowds. No I’m not crazy.) Movies are the one and only thing I will brave Times Square at night for.

My second favorite thing to do in this city is to go to concerts – mainly the small-mid size venues: Webster Hall, Bowery Ballroom, Terminal 5, Knitting Factory, Arlene’s Grocery, Music Hall of Williamsburg. And also the larger venues: Beacon Theatre and Radio City. I’ve even seen performances at the more intimate Pianos NYC in the Lower East Side or on Governors Island. Never been to Roseland Ballroom but I hear it’s amazing. Also – never been to a concert at Madison Square Garden…price point seems to be a bit too rich for my blood! 

Favorite venue? Probably Webster or Termy 5 (see pictures below). Last concert I saw was Dashboard Confessional at Webster Hall in December. Leo was in love with the whole concert and we stayed for every single song – even the 3 encores, despite the fact that it was way past his bedtime (which is 9:30pm). He knows every word to every song they have ever written. I wanted to bottle up how happy he was and put it in a jar. I’ve never seen him that delighted before.

You must be thinking…how is going to a concert a sober activity? I was pretty uncertain about this myself years ago. My first sober concert (Wilco) was in my college town in 2007 and I could smell the wafts of all things green and saw people spilling their beers everywhere. To be honest I did not enjoy myself at all. I also had not hit the first year mark yet.

I love music though and I needed to find a way to enjoy it live. That’s why I like the smaller venues in  NYC – they tend to start concerts at a reasonable hour and the bars inside are really too small for people to be served more than once or twice. I also recommend standing somewhere on the outskirts of the room or in the back (unless you just love to crowd-surf). You can still hear the music really well, but you don’t have to be in the middle of the chaos if that’s what it turns into. Plus you have an easy escape route if you need it. The smaller venue ticket prices range from $10-$30 which is relatively reasonable for the amount of talent you get to see.

I don’t go to concerts super often since I’m picky about the bands and I try to keep my entertainment budget under control. But it is a great way to enjoy music, and if you bring a sober buddy with you – you’ll definitely be safe!

Bands I’ve seen in NYC: Death Cab for Cutie, Owl City, Travis, Cary Brothers, Lights, Panic! At the Disco, The Cab, Dashboard Confessional, Nada Surf, Atmosphere, Stars of Track and Field (I even met the lead singer!), Keane, Passion Pit, Owen Pallett, Guster, Bare Naked Ladies, Sea Wolf, The All-American Rejects and probably a few others I am forgetting.

Why am I writing this today? I just got tix to Atmosphere’s April Concert at Terminal 5! I went to their last NYC show at Webster Hall with two of my bestfriends from high school and it was epic.

When Life Gives you Lemons…

What was the last concert you saw? What is your favorite concert of all time?

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”Whose prayer am I the answer to today?”

Yeah right, only in my dreams…

Ok back to the relatively-serious post:

A friend mentioned this to me earlier this week. Apparently her mother’s friend wakes up everyday and says this to himself: “Whose prayer am I the answer to today?” And then he uses this to guide his day of being useful to others. Isn’t that cool?

I am not one who is big on prayer or God in general. I do believe in HP and I do pray, but it’s not the first thing I think about in the morning. And prayer isn’t the first thing I try when I’m in pain. In full honest disclosure: I try everything else before I pray. I usually pray in my head too. The first time I ever prayed out loud I was sitting on my bathroom floor screaming at HP to make my life stop sucking (to summarize of course). And really – just the act of screaming helped rid of some of the anger inside me. I used to pray on the subway to work  every morning, asking God to help me tolerate annoying commuters. Lately, I really only pray when I remember to or when I have an awful resentment brewing that I want to get rid of. It always makes me feel better.

As addicts and alcoholics we spend most of our “prayer time” asking for what God/HP can do for us or for others, and not what we can do for others.

God, take my will and my life, guide me in my recovery, show me how to live.

God, grant me the serenity, to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

God, please help me to be willing to do my stepwork.

God, please help me not be a b*tch at work today, please.

God, please, just please, can I get that job? win the lottery? maybe throw in a diamond ring too? kthanks.

The truth is – we can’t ask God for material things, it just doesn’t work like that. We can ask for things like guidance, willingness, serenity, acceptance, courage, and wisdom. Still, we are always asking for HP to answer these prayers. I’ve never thought that I could be the answer to someone else’s prayer! But I suppose we all have the potential to be the answer.

In fact, I have proof! In September 2009 my personal life was in shambles and I was terrified of being alone. Someone was the answer to my prayers:  Porscha (yes, she picked out her own pseudonym!). She started a women’s meeting in her apartment on Tuesday nights: The Maiden Voyage. Because she started that meeting I met (and continue to meet) the most amazing group of women. These women are now my closest friends and the answers to my prayers every day, even if I’m not praying. And almost 18 months later, the meeting still takes place!  Not only is Porscha my inspiration for this blog (she taught me that sobriety shouldn’t be anything less than FUN), she gave me life by starting that meeting.

Helping others is such a core part of recovery. That’s why there are sponsees, newcomers, meetings to chair, coffee to make and phone numbers to give out. How many years did you spend locked up in your own self-centeredness? Part of recovering means being of service!

***I am sending out special thoughts (and prayers of course) in honor of the wonderful Lady E, an amazing woman from Sunday night’s Clean and Dry meeting. She passed away this past Sunday while recovering from a heart attack. She had over 47 years of sobriety, probably the longest length of sobriety in a person I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Every Sunday night she came to C&D carrying these beautiful water color cards to give to anyone celebrating an anniversary (I still have mine from my 2 and 3-year anniversary). She will be missed dearly.

Whose prayer are you the answer to today?


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I Heart Planning

Part of my disease is being a control freak! So that means a fun (and sometimes necessary) thing for me to do during the week is to plan what I will do on the weekend. As much as I like spontaneous fun I also really enjoy planned fun. And the best part about this weekend is that it is THREE DAYS LONG! Yes, that’s right kids – corporate america is giving me President’s Day off. I hope you guys all get a three-day weekend too.

Usually I like to get out of the city on three-day weekends since the travel time is usually worth it (vs a two-day weekend). But since I just got back from vacation and need to save my pennies, I am sticking around in the city, yay! Let’s just hope there aren’t more tourists here than usual – wouldn’t people want to go to DC for President’s Day or something? I wish.

So because I love to plan and because it gives you kids some ideas for how to enjoy your weekend too, here goes:

On Friday night Leo and I are finally getting to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a restaurant downtown together – sushi!  [definitely sober fun for me!] He might have some wine or whiskey with dinner which doesn’t bother me too much. Dating a non-alcoholic drinker does have its challenges but as long as he isn’t drunk or too buzzed I’m usually OK with it.

Rest of weekend:

Exercise: Physique , Free Yoga Class [both sober activities!]

MoviesSanctum – the new underwater cave movie (It’s in 3D IMAX and I can’t wait!). Also, the new Jennifer Aniston Movie. It will probably be super cheesy, but ya know, it’ll be fun I think. [of course sober – no beer at the movie theater!] Sidenote: I see at least one movie a week since it’s my favorite sober group activity – so expect to read about them!

Also – just learned that I’m going skeet shooting with Leo and friends on Saturday. [um…no drinking & shooting is an obvious one] This should be interesting and will definitely warrant a story!

What are you up to this weekend?

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